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As many of you already know, the City Council meetings are available on Channel 78 (Cablevision), right on the heels of video-taping now being permitted by the public.

Previously, residents who didn’t have local cable access, weren’t able to view the taped council meetings. As a result, you may also already know that the City has made these available for practically anyone via their website, and even published the meetings on DVD as well as PDF’s of each agenda.

I sent an email to HobokenTV requesting that they make the videos available in embeddable format too (via Veoh or other content sharing sites), so that local bloggers or media sites can stream the content themselves. Frankly, it would lessen the burden of streaming 450MB files off their own (tax-payer subsidized) servers, and make the content accessible to MAC users without the need for multiple file streams. We’ll see what they say.

I’m also wondering if and when the other meetings (such as the planning board) will be on the air.

Here’s the email HobokenTV78 sent to 411 on Monday:


We would like to inform you that the City’s Hoboken Government Television web site is up. The web address is www.hobokentv78.org

We have notice that there are a growing number of Hoboken citizens that are not subscribers to Cablevision who are interested in viewing the City Council meetings. Therefore we are providing the entire meeting available online, available as a streaming windows media video. We will also provide the meeting in Quicktime if there is a request for multiple formats to include our MAC friends. For our constituents convenience we have also made the agenda more easily available for viewing by providing a link. We are also in the process of producing more programs for this new television station. We look forward to ideas and opinions generated by this web site to provide us with the programming our viewers want to see. If there is any more information that you seek, please feel free to inquire at this email address or you can also use htv78@hobokennj.org.

Thank You,

Hoboken Government Television


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Welcome to Kazakstan on the Hudson.



It seems they don’t cover the caucus portion of the meeting. It should be easy to televise that as well.


I just went to the Hoboken TV website. Clicked on the April 4 meeting video and what did I see? The first two minutes is Mayor Dave Roberts introducing the meeting. Well not exactly introducing but interjecting his personal views on the topics that the council would be covering.

My understanding was that these meetings were to be presented unedited to avoid any appearance of bias. By tacking on two minutes the presentation has been edited.

It didn’t take long for Dave to ruin a really great service that the CITY COUNCIL not the MAYOR’S office wanted to give the public.


Beth Mason has been taping the BOE meetings in addition to City Council meetings. Video will eventually be available at http://wethepeoplereports.com

the rayman
the rayman

Does anyone know who was taping the Board of Ed meeting recently, and where those will be available?