Water Cooler – 4/4/2007

riot police hoboken - Water Cooler - 4/4/2007Tough to pick noteworthy comments from the past week when you have over 1100 to browse through. Which ones stand out? Aside from a few “regulars”, I went out of my way to include many readers who haven’t made the list before. Welcome to Hoboken411, let the written riot continue!

Here are some quick giblets from last week.

  • Fist Fight at City Hall
    bri777 says: “Hate to break it to you but there’s nobody in that city hall in good enough shape to lift something that heavy above their heads. “
  • Foxie – R.I.P.
    kooky kat says: “Foxy made the NY Times! “
  • Raising kids in Hoboken
    FAP says: “Can’t we at least strive for mediocrity?”
  • City Council 3/21/2007 – Recap
    patricci says: “The city council meetings should be available on-line by the second week of April. “ and
  • spoon says: “Thank you Hoboken411 for making this town more transparent. It’s like a black hole and I’m starting to see the light. I hope the current politicians are shaking in their overppaid boots. “

  • Automated Parking Garage Debacle
    shutit says: “This is crap. Why is it ok for 150 cars next month, but another 5 months for the rest of them. How does John Corea still have a job?”
  • Friday Fun: Scare Tactics
    Fisty McDIll says: “Buy a pistol. Remember guns don’t kill people, the folks on Jackson between 3rd & 6th do……”
  • More about the Hoboken runaround
    booboothefool says: “Can a person purchase popcorn & drinks at these City Council meetings? This is pure entertainment. You’ve got corrupt politicians, pretty women, angry audience, and someone shouting “shoot him”. Priceless!”
  • Hoboken411 – Shutting down
    rachelezoe says: “One Thumb Up!!”
  • SW Re-development Plan continues…
    chickie-blue says: “Can’t we create a class-action suit against the city for the sewer problems in the 4th ward?”
  • Casual Thai
    ladydaisy says: “Might honestly be the worst Thai place I have ever had”
  • Reader Mail: Inconvenient Inconsistencies
    Stabone130 says: “Yet another reason why living in this town is absurd. And why I’m moving to Clifton…where the headaches are minimal and the parking is a-plenty. And free.”

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