A quick Hoboken411 primer

4/25/2008 Bump:

Again, with over 1,500 new registered users in the last 90 days, it’s time again to bump the refresher course on how to use 411 a bit better.

Here’s a few tips to help you navigate Hoboken411. While I understand it and have been pretty much using it since day one, it’s not your ordinary website, so a little reminder might help!

Article Frequency

Between 5-15 postings are published each day during the week, and between 1 and 4 articles on a given weekend day (depending on “breaking news”, etc.)

Basics – Site chronology

For starters, the last TEN entries are always listed on the front page in reverse chronological order (newest first, etc).

If you haven’t checked site in a couple days, and want to catch up on what you missed, a cache of 20 recent articles can easily be accessed on the left column, under “Recent Entries.”

Want an old-fashioned way of seeing older entries? If you want to “turn the pages” (like you would a newspaper), you can do so by clicking the appropriate link at the very BOTTOM of the home page. Simply find and click “older entries” to see the previous ten entries, and so on. That’s a good way if you are interested in reading the intro to the story, or seeing the accompanying photos.


List of recent entries

If you don’t feel like loading another page just for the previous entries (pages), your best choice is to peruse the titles of the last 100 entries (not including the 20 you see here) by clicking “Last 100 Articles” links location in two locations. On the left side, at the bottom of “Recent Entries,” as well as on the right side, under “Categories”. An easy way to get a summary of the last two or three weeks worth of stories.


Categories – Somewhat Organized

Hoboken411 categoriesSpeaking of “Categories”, many entries on 411 have certain “tags” on them to help organize them to some degree. For instance, if you want to see everything related to the Town Government, you can view them under Town Government section… and it will filter out entries that don’t have that “tag”. Another popular section is “Bars and Restaurants” which you can see under the Hoboken Directory / Bar and Restaurants section. While a good chunk of entries are listed as “random” (because they’re in the “all of the above” kind of category), you can still whittle down to what you might want to see by using the Category section. Categories are added and subtracted as needed. You can see what category each article is filed under at the end of each piece.

Searching 411

search-hoboken411-button.jpgYou can always try the new and improved “Google search” box on the top right. This replaced a very lacking search function that was previously used.

This function also searches the comments that have been made, which is helpful.


Hoboken411 is a very user-involved site, with thousands upon thousands of registered readers, who are able to post comments on most entires. You cannot post a comment unless you’re registered.

Once you’ve signed up, you can see the various guidelines on how to post, and some of the etiquette that people (most of the time) follow. Pretty elementary.

Tips, questions, info, etc.

Any questions you might have, tips you’d like to share, or other information you’re seeking can be directed to me at hoboken411@gmail.com.

So welcome again new users, take a look around and have fun! I hope that this helps some of you understand how to use Hoboken411 better in the future.

Also, keep those cameras working, and send interesting photos in! What makes 411 great is the excellent user contributions!

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[quote comment=”45764″]what’s the key to the poplularity? ….. gotta be the witty retorts by contributors![/quote]



[quote comment=”45764″]what’s the key to the popularity? fascination with public officials?[/quote]

No more Sopranos. Hoboken cheerfully provides the next best thing…without having to pay the HBO premium.

strand tramp
strand tramp

what’s the key to the poplularity? fascination with public officials? the ever changing reviews on night spots? numerous links to mortgage lenders? gotta be the witty retorts by contributors!