Meditation series

For those into spiritual and alternative paths to enlightenment, Lori from Hudson Healing Arts wants you to know about the current series of Buddhist meditations they’re offering:

“There’s a new series of meditations on the mind happening at Hudson Healing Arts.

In this series, we will explore Buddha’s teachings on the blissful inner space of our mind. Through a series of meditations, we will learn to abide in the pure and clear nature of consciousness and taste the deep inner peace that resides in our hearts. Suitable for all levels of practitioner, including beginners. Started back in March, we still have available:

April 5: Improving Concentration
April 12: Improving Your Life and World

Thursdays 7:30pm to 9:00 pm

51 Newark Street, #403 (right beside Starbucks)”


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okay cracker was on crack today. I actually thought this sounded interesting. I took the time to call and I got a return call shortly after. I was told the class is open and dont need to sign up in advance. Each class runs between 10-15 dollars a class. I am thinking of going this Thursday so i will report back if i make it there.


TOR: What month were you born?

GEORGE: April.

TOR: You should have been born in August. Your parents would have been well-advised to wait.

GEORGE: Really?

TOR: Do you use hot water in the shower?


TOR: Stop using it.

GEORGE: ..Okay.

KRAMER: I’m off hot water.

TOR: Kramer tells me that you are interested in an alternative to surgery.

GEORGE: Yes, yes I am.

TOR: (Blows into George’s face) I think we can help you. See, unfortunately, the medical establishment is a business like any other business. And business needs

customers. And, they want to sell you their most expensive item which is unnecessary surgery.

GEORGE: (Still on the showers) Can I use hot water on my face?

TOR: No. You know, I am not a business man. I’m a holistic healer. It’s a calling, it’s a gift. You see, it’s in the best interest of the medical profession that you remain

sick. You see, that insures good business. You’re not a patient. You’re a customer.

JERRY: (He thinks this, the audience can hear his thoughts) And you’re not a doctor, but you play one in real life.


Are these free?