Reporter Roundup – 4/2/2007

suggestion-box-shredder.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are some highlights from the 4/1/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

I scanned the paper a few times (only looking at the pictures, really) and noted:

  • More craptastic news about this loathsome automated parking garage. You know how some stories get so drawn out, it’s not even funny anymore? This is a prime example.
  • Politics in a blender last week. They cover the Sherman firing, the “it didn’t happen” fight between the Mayor and Jimmy Farina, plus Councilman Cricco dropping out. Plus additional rumors in Al Sullivan’s column. 411 reader “Colonblow” called the photo-op on the front page with Roberts and Farina “LAME-O”.
  • City hall is all proud about recent “transparency” now that video taping is allowed. Hmm. Why’d it take so long?
  • The 1937 old school snail mail comments Letters to the Editor section was abound with politics. Campos being all over the map. One letter indicating he was completely wrong about one of his opponents, Dawn Zimmer, while another surmised that his DUI charge will almost guarantee him an election victory. Campos himself went on to dole out some old fashioned political kissing up to Governor Corzine and the State Legislature. Further debate ensued regarding a drunk driving letter published weeks ago, while flooding still proving to be a hot topic for the 4th Ward and the city in general, with more support for Zimmer. Toll Brothers must be sorry they ever said they were “killing ’em in Hoboken”. And candidate Beth Mason stresses lack of park space.
  • No ribbon cuttings I could find. Scissors must be getting sharpened.

Lastly, an advertisement on the last page caught my attention. A half-page listing for Metrostop showing a couple blissfully daydreaming in some patch of grass. They must have filled the whole park by themselves.

I can’t wait till that project is done. Because I’m going to go out of my way to lay in whatever grass is there (provided it’s poop-free).

The ad:

The project under construction:
Hoboken Metrostop

That’s it… Anything else worth noting?

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Look at their advertisers. Bad news is bad for real estate sales.


Velocity Condos Are Huge Rip-off


It’s detrimental for print publications to actually have opinions about anything.

If the HobRepo ran a front-page article entitled “Velocity Condos Are Huge Rip-off,” there wouldn’t be a full-page ad from them every week.

Here, what could happen?


I think it’s terrible the way you make fun of the Hoboken Reporter.

Their commitment to independent, hard hitting, investigative journalism is unmatched in this area.
Coverage of the parking garage debacle, Campos drinking bout, Mayoral boxing match, and Hoboken Hospital refi/bailout are prime examples.

The Hudson County Democratic Party Press Release, sorry I meant political analysis column, by Al Sullivan deserves a Clio Award for best marketing column of a political organization. Well done Al!

Finally, they’ve got a kick ass website…filled with pictures and stories authored by some guy named 411!!!