Zimmer’s School Board Choice Arrested

Hoboken Police: Clifford Godfrey faces several charges

after alleged 200 Lounge assault

One of Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s endorsed candidates for Board of Education was arrested early Friday following a mini-melee at the 200 Lounge.

31-year-old Clifford L. Godfrey faces charges of Simple Assault on a woman, Endangering an Injured Victim, Obstructing, and Disorderly Conduct. Godfrey was also found to have had an open warrant out of Newark. Also arrested was his partner, with whom he has one child whose image was used in “Kids First” organization campaign efforts. Stephanie Leblanc was charged with Obstructing and Resisting Arrest, and was also found to have an open warrant out of East Orange.

Godfrey accused by woman who was “pushed, slapped and held down”

Hoboken Police report they received a 911 call just before 1 am from a Union City woman who said she had been assaulted at the 200 Lounge. The female victim and her witnesses told officers she was assaulted by a group who had just left the area. The woman told police she was inside 200 Lounge when an unknown male threw a drink on her. She stated she was approached by Godfrey who allegedly “pushed her and slapped her in the face, forcing her to fall to the ground.” Once on the ground, the victim told police Godfrey would not let her up and “kept pushing her on the ground.” Godfrey then allegedly left the club, and the victim called police. Two other women also told police that they had been assaulted during the fight.

Police stop Godfrey; becomes “enraged” with “clenched fists”

According to the official report by officers at the scene, when they first requested Godfrey and his group to stop walking away, he looked back at them, turned his head and continued walking. He was again asked to stop, and he allegedly yelled back that he “did not do anything” and asked, “why does he have to stop?” At this point he was ordered to stop by the officer and told to wait by the wall.

Two other males identified as Christopher Salcedo of Linden and Kristerph Adams of Newark were allegedly trying to pull Godfrey away from police saying they will “take him home.” Both were ordered by police to stop and back away from Godfrey. Police say they became disorderly and were arrested by officers who arrived on the scene as backup. A search of Salcedo found him carrying a Husky gravity knife in his pocket.

HPD: Godfrey ordered several times to “calm down”

During the arrests of his friends, police say Godfrey “became enraged and started screaming to leave him alone, clenching his fists.” He is alleged to have challenged a Police Officer with offensive comments and aggressive stance. At that point he was placed under arrest. His partner, Leblanc, was arrested when she allegedly refused police orders to keep away from Godfrey while he was being arrested.

HPD says Godfrey’s friend Salcedo was charged with Failure to Disperse, Obstructing, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Prohibited Weapon (the knife), and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon. Salcedo was also found to have an open warrant from Roselle Park. Adams was the only member of Godfrey’s party who had no open warrants. He was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Failure to Disperse with no outstanding warrants.

Godfrey appeared on Dawn Zimmer’s failed slate for Board of Education this year in what many believe was a political deal with his boss, Newark Mayor Cory Booker. Godfrey had no record of involvement in Hoboken prior to Zimmer’s endorsement

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4th Ward Guardian
4th Ward Guardian

Real classy that both this guy and his lady had outstanding warrants. Way to vet your candidates Zimmer! He’s not the first bad choice the Mayor’s made. Let’s review:

Zimmer picks Hector Claveria for the Housing Authority, he leaves after being accused of bribery in office.

Zimmer picks Ian Sacs for the HPU, he gets arrested and accused of theft and harassment after a scuffle with an employee.

Zimmer and Sacs hire a kid for the HPU who gets arrested for allegedly demanding sandwich bribes from deliverymen.

Zimmer picks Lenz to be her 4th Ward councilman, he greases the wheels for a developer’s variances and ends up with $1000 in his campaign account and scams us by switching his health insurance to the city plan, pocketing $4500 and costing us $25,000!

Zimmer picks Greaney to run for 2nd Ward, he gets caught hiding a $43,000 bankruptcy and lies about how long he’s lived in Hoboken.

Zimmer picks Pincus for the Zoning Board, who spews Hitler filth at her political opponents.

Zimmer screams and yells at a priest on the steps of his church, but lucky for her the priest doesn’t press charges.

Do I need to go on? Let’s not give Dawn Zimmer even more power to screw up by voting for her bobblehead candidates on Tuesday! Move Hoboken ahead by NOT voting for her bobbleheads!


Wow, our Mayor sure knows how to pick ’em! Hoboken411, you need to write a book about all the insane stuff you’ve seen Hoboken politicians do. This has to be the wackiest political town in America. Just crazy!


If it wasn’t so sad and true this fiasco going on in city hall and all associated sections it would make a great story line for a sitcom. It is a a giant shit storm rolling down a steep hill and getting bigger everyday.


OMG! Birds of a feather, flock together! Cleaveria (appointment) – arrested, Director Sacs (appointment)- arrested, Greaney (endorsed) – not so good with money and now Godfrey (endorsed) – arrested! Makes you wonder about the rest of her endorsed slate of candidates. Moving Hoboken Behind Bars! Mayor Zimmer, how about a background check?

Mama Luke

Lets not forget about Sacs. Wow Zimmer and her crew is like watching a train wreck. Hey remember the denial about the priest incident which turned out to be true. LOL