Fire at the Skyclub

Reports of some kind of “working fire” on a balcony at the Skyclub. Reported to be on the 9th floor. Apparently was worse before the FD arrived, and it appeared to be “extinguishing itself”.

What kind of fire could start on an exterior balcony in a fire-resistive building like the Skyclub?

Well, they said it was a flower pot.

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where did the towels, child care and shakes go??

Fisty McDIll
Fisty McDIll

I wish it affected the Gym. No, towls, No child care, no mixes for shakes. What a joke. I can’t wait to leave. The inmates clearly run that asylum. Are they broke? does no one care? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some dude probably bought a plant to impress his girlfriend, never watered it, it dried out, and he used the flower pot as an astray.


When he ran to get a glass of water to put it out, it was the first time the dude ever watered it.


Is this another April Fools joke or did some coked out wall streeter try to smoke the weed he was growing on his balcony without rolling it into a joint first?