Hoboken Week(s) in Review – 4/1/2007

office fight hoboken - Hoboken Week(s) in Review - 4/1/2007This is a recap of what’s been going on in Hoboken in the past two weeks.

Since the ill-timed server upgrade last weekend lot’s of stuff has happened! Mayoral fights, firings, council races heating up, PATH train derailments, and much much more. So here’s your Super-Sized recap.

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News, items of importance:

  • Fist-a-Cuffs – The big story was this alleged fight with our town leader. It’s unlikely it was about who gets the corner office.
  • Slummy – The facts dribble out about a historically bad landlord.
  • Giants and the over – A local gambling ring made the news. Many people feel it shouldn’t be illegal.
  • Decapitated – Town counsel resigns is fired.
  • Foxie – Well known and much loved dog is mincemeat after getting hit by a white pickup truck.
  • R2D2 – Was spotted on 4th and Washington.
  • Delete! – 411 was ordered to remove libelous comments from an ex hospital worker.
  • So sue me – More lawsuits against the City alleging unethical actions.
  • More on the $1000 beverage – Opposition mounts to the exorbitant penalty for enjoying alcohol.
  • My, that’s a big plane you have – Hoboken resident sends in behind the scenes photos about the new Airbus jet as it makes it’s maiden flight to the U.S.

Town Government:

  • Candidates Announced – The council races heat up. Some readers don’t like politics.
  • Candidates Invited – Open offer to all candidates, but I wonder why each one wouldn’t jump on this opportunity.
  • 52 million – Residents need to be reminded why they should vote for the School board on April 17th.
  • Persistent Park Problems – The Southwest Redevelopment Plan is under much scrutiny.
  • Horsies – A look into the mounted police.
  • Council recap – More and more people are interested now that it’s on TV.
  • Robots are out to get us – The automated garage is setting world records in the “debacle” category.
  • Hello? – We wonder who’s paying for these political questionnaires.


  • Sold! – Another successful fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

New or Coming Soon (lots):

  • Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump – Heart Beat Style opens their doors and begins offering affordable clothing for the ladies.
  • Frosty – Rita’s Ice now open for the season. Yummy!
  • On the Avenue – Da Vinci’s is making progress on the overhaul of their restaurant and name.
  • Re-located – Rubee’s Closet made the successful switch to street-level over at the Monroe Center.
  • Doubling up – The downtown CVS is expanding their cramped store.
  • Dubya – Progress photos of the W Hotel construction by the river.
  • You’re so fine – Another clothing store aims to penetrate the Hoboken market.
  • Congested – More condos being developed in one of the most trafficked area in town.
  • Goaaaaaal! – A unique soccer shop is slated for First Street this summer.

Leaving Town:

  • Done – Ganache had closed one of their two coffee shops.


  • No new reviews in the past two weeks.

Fun, Games and Miscellaneous stuff:

  • He’s Alive! – A simple server upgrade took WAY too long.
  • It’s a Boy! – Readers chime in with child rearing tips in Hoboken.
  • Reader Mail – Ironically about intersections. Both Parking and Crossing Guards
  • Parks (or lack thereof) – One rendition of what the possibilities were uptown.
  • Poopy – More people leave disgusting dog droppings for you to step in.
  • Hiiii Yah! – We have some fun coming up with more “must have” defense tactics at a nearby Martial Arts studio.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Wobbly – PATH trains having recent trouble staying on track.

Recent Town Incidents:

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