Charge: Illegal PAC funds Zimmer’s slate

Improper relationship uncovered between candidates & PAC,

Delea charges Mayor & her council slate blatantly violated election laws

It’s against the law for City Council candidates to be coordinating campaigns with PACs, but that appears to be exactly what Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s slate is doing in Hoboken.

Fifth ward council candidate Scott Delea unveiled a detailed complaint to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission and State Attorney General’s office outlining allegedly illegal actions by Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s “Move Hoboken Ahead” Political Action Committee, it’s principals and endorsed candidates.

Delea charges Cunningham illegally coordinates with PAC to fund Hoboken Council Campaigns - Charge: Illegal PAC funds Zimmer’s slate

Election laws specifically prohibit coordination between candidates and a Continuing Political Committee or CPC (a type of PAC).

Delea charges Peter Cunningham’s campaign is illegally coordinating with a recently launched CPC known as Move Hoboken Ahead (aka MHA). Delea notes MHA has performed a number of activities to the exclusive benefit of Mr. Cunningham and the team of council candidates he’s aligned with, including paying for polling, a city-wide mailer and website that links to the candidates’ sites.

“With his actions, Councilman Cunningham demonstrates disregard for New Jersey campaign finance laws in order to benefit his reelection campaign. He uses the City Council dais as a bully pulpit to preach reform, but his actions outside of those meetings speak louder than words. This is just the latest example where he has broken the people’s trust by saying one thing and doing another.”
– Independent 5th ward candidate Scott DeLea

Kurta, Greaney, Pinchevsky & Giattino also implicated in filing

The CPC’s ELEC filings show Cunningham and his running mates Eric Kurta, Tom Greaney, Rami Pinchevsky and Jennifer Giattino each contributed $1,000 to start MHA. Delea notes from the time the CPC was formed until nearly a month later virtually 100% of the contributions to the CPC came from these candidates alone.

Kurta Greaney Pinchevsky Giattino ELEC PAC Hoboken NJ - Charge: Illegal PAC funds Zimmer’s slate

The only activity reported by the CPC during this period was an in-kind donation made to Cunningham and the other candidates in the form of a campaign poll. Cunningham does not list the in-kind contribution on his ELEC reports as he is required to do by law.

“Cunningham’s exclusion of the in-kind donation is further proof he is trying to hide his ties to this CPC. If the current Councilman put as much effort into building parks, cutting taxes, and preventing flooding as he does to playing politics we would have been able to move the Ward forward rather than incur the 100% tax increase he forced on our taxpayers in the four years he has been in office.”
– Scott DeLea

So far MHA has sent out one city-wide mailer on behalf of the candidates it is NOT supposed to be coordinating with, and is expected to send as many as three more before election day May 10th.

Have Drew Moss and Forde Prigot committed perjury?

The legal front men for MHA are Chairman Andrew “Drew” Moss and Treasurer Forde Prigot. Moss is also the Treasurer of Dawn Zimmer’s campaigns, and has been since she first ran in 2007. Prigot is a Zimmer-appointed member of the Library Board who spends much of his life on the Internet spreading lies about her political opposition.

Drew Moss and Forde Prigot are front men for the PAC under investigation in Hoboken New Jersey - Charge: Illegal PAC funds Zimmer’s slate

In signing the ELEC forms, Moss and Prigot swear under oath that they certify “no candidate will have direct or indirect control over the political activities of Move Hoboken Ahead” which, if fully investigated by State Attorney General Paula Dow, could lead to perjury charges.

Prigot Moss Sworn Certification - Charge: Illegal PAC funds Zimmer’s slate

Prigot is also one of 1st ward candidate Eric Kurta’s political street soliders. Kurta – who ironically made a career out of pointing out the ELEC violations of others – now appears to be smack dab in the middle of one of the largest ELEC violation cases in Hoboken electoral history.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015 7:06 pm

Worth a refresh and reminder for the upcoming June 2 and Nov 4 elections. I had been unaware of this particular (alleged) unlawful aspect of the Zimmer aligned election.

4th Ward Guardian
4th Ward Guardian
Thursday, May 5, 2011 6:47 pm

Scott Delea is right on the money with this ELEC charge and I hope the AG investigates these hypocrites, but where are his supporters? Why aren’t they defending him from Zimm-blogger attacks? Cunningham has the Zimm-mob, Belfiore has his base. Where are Delea’s people? Just curious.

Thursday, May 5, 2011 2:23 pm

Forde is a Hoopoe which is old French for a dupe a stupid looking bird. Don’t be a lemming Forde last time they nearly incarcerated you for the lottery ticket vote buying scam.

This time you signed a piece a paper knowing full well the candidates told you where to spend the money. Are you going to lie in the depositions too? Don’t dig yourself in too deep it might be time to pull a Dweck and get someone to record your conversations with the candidates so you get a lighter sentence down the road.

(N.J.S.A. 2C:28-1)

A person is guilty of perjury, a crime of the third degree, if in any official proceeding he makes a false statement under oath or equivalent affirmation, or swears or affirms the truth of a statement previously made, when the statement is material and he does not believe it to be true.

4th Ward Guardian
4th Ward Guardian
Thursday, May 5, 2011 1:36 pm

Looks to me like the election laws are clear and Zimmer’s group violated the law. HoneyDoofus is trying to take the thread off-topic because HoneyDoofus doesn’t want us discussing the merits of the case against this PAC and the OBVIOUS and ILLEGAL coordination going on between Zimmer’s candidates and the Zimmer PAC in violation of the law.

Read the full complaint. There are a lot of smoking guns, and if the AG and ELEC actually call people in for questioning under oath there are going to be a lot of people taking the 5th. How much more obvious can it be that all the candidates — especially Kurta and his pal Prigot — were in on the creation of this PAC illegally and have coordinated their campaigns with it in violation of the law. Anybody who doesn’t get it is too lazy to read the complaint, or too corrupted by Zimmer’s green Kool-Aid.

Reply to  hoboken411
Thursday, May 5, 2011 1:12 pm

Sorry, I was trying to keep it all together in one thread so I didn’t post it all over. Won’t happen again. But I’m not a sleeper cell. I take umbrage to that phrasology. I just get sick of the same 5 people saying the same “i hate her so I hate them” all the time. [quote comment=”206681″] – you’re trying my patience with your obvious attempt to throw this thread off-topic into anything else but the subject at hand. I realize these are the final days before the election and “sleeper-cell” campaign operatives are going to start showing their true colors here. I’m not going to tolerate this kind of thread hijacking and misinformation spreading on Hoboken411. You want to freely discuss the specific points in this story? Fine. You want to hijack threads and spread campaign talking points and lies? Not cool. Thank you.[/quote]

Reply to  HoneyDew
Thursday, May 5, 2011 1:35 pm


I call b.s. on your obvious b.s.. No one said they hate Zimmer. They gave you solid facts and evidence to why she is incompetent, unethical, and unintelligent, and why she’s a detriment to this town as long as she stays in office.

You don’t want to accept it because as 411 pointed out, you are one of the sleeper cell campaign operatives. You feign innocence in all your posts while you rationalize everything Zimmer and her crew do and then say disparaging things about all of the Zimmer opponents.

You’re a phony.
[quote comment=”206683″]Sorry, I was trying to keep it all together in one thread so I didn’t post it all over. Won’t happen again. But I’m not a sleeper cell. I take umbrage to that phrasology. I just get sick of the same 5 people saying the same “i hate her so I hate them” all the time.


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