NO Massage Parlor!

5/20/2011 Update: Thankfully, this spot at 1102 Washington will NOT become a massage parlor – but rather a new retail store called Lucky Baby Boutique. Spring 2011.

1102 Washington – another massage parlor? WTF?

As you may recall – Baskets of Distinction (try saying that three times fast) decided to pack up and fly north of the border.

Now, this spot at 1102 Washington Street apparently has a new tenant. And according to a contractor on scene the other day – he believed it was becoming yet another massage parlor. He told me not to quote him, which I won’t do by name… but doesn’t sound like an unreasonable concept that foreign money would fill the gaps here in the mile square.

By the way – does anyone visit those Chinese Massage Parlors? I never EVER see a customer come or go (no pun intended.)

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Chinese give a nice Shiatsu. Go to a korean though if you want a nice steam and walk on your back. I would not recommend one in Hoboken for a massage cuz you would have it counteracted by the immediate sidewalk stress of bikes, strollers, etc.


“massage” parlor