Hoboken Police and Fire Blotter: 5/3/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: May 3, 2011

An ongoing list of various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day for Tuesday, May 3, 2011. This post may be updated and “bumped” periodically.

  • 11:35pm: Noise Complaint
    Hoboken Police are responding to City Bistro uptown for a noise complaint: “Loud music.”
  • 10:35pm: Man assaults two women
    In an apartment near 11th & Clinton, reports of a man who assaulted his wife and her sister. HPD was told that the women wanted to press charges against the man. However, once police arrived and sorted out the details – the story changed and no charges were pressed. Sound like that’s a recipe for a sequel, ya think?
  • 7:35pm: Pedestrian Struck by Auto
    A pedestrian was struck by a car at 4th & River Streets. This kind of incident is an epidemic in Hoboken…
  • 7:15pm: Home Burglary
    A woman who lives at 9th and Willow arrived home after work today and found out her apartment was burglarized. HPD en route to investigate.

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  • 6:15pm: Hit & Run Accident
    A parked car was stuck by another car near Newark & Park. The Red 2003 Pontiac Grand Am was last seen traveling east on 1st Street
  • 6:00pm: Agitated Hoboken
    Multiple instances of agitated or irate individuals. One – at the Cake Boss Line – a woman was going nuts there, and reports of a white male, baseball cap and jeans is “agitated and violent” near 89 Adams Street, shouting profanities and tossing garbage cans in the street.
  • 5:35pm: Drunk Male Stripping
    In the area of 310 Jackson St., reports of a “highly intoxicated male removing his clothes…” Just what you wanted to see after a long commute home.
  • 5:15pm: Yet Another car accident
    9th & Garden – another car accident.
  • 5:05pm: Another car accident
    Observer & Marin Blvd. – 2 car accident, no injuries. Imagine Hoboken with 70-story high-rises lining Observer Highway?
  • 4:45pm: Three-Car Accident
    Observer & Newark – 3 car accident, no injuries. Seriously – I can’t imagine how this happens. Then again, I walk around and observe for 15 seconds – then I realize why.
  • 4:30pm: Shoplifting continues…
    Another shoplifter apprehended at ShopRite Supermarket. This is also on the rise – and wasn’t included in the “Crime Stats” released recently. And no, Kim Kardashian wasn’t involved…
  • 3:45pm: Vehicular Stuff
    A minor accident at 2nd & Hudson – but apparently involved a pedestrian. No serious injuries – more like a “near miss.” And they said technology was supposed to advance humans… riiiiggght.
  • 3:25pm: Gassy Pizza?
    Reports of a natural gas leak at the HomeMade Pizza Company at 213 Washington St. – which is supposed to open today! Getting blown to smithereens isn’t a good way to make the Doomed Hoboken Business category here…


More updates to come…

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The daily Hoboken Police and Fire Blotter is a great and informative Hoboken411 feature. I love reading it. I’m quite greatful that H411 features it. It keeps me abreast of what’s going on when I’m not at home. It’s more extensive than Police Beat that is published weekly in The Hoboken Reporter. I don’t always get to read The Hoboken Reporter.


I also enjoy reading this information. Does anyone know where on 9th and willow the robbery happened? Also anyone know what happened the other night with the ambulances and the girl they were administering CPR to (Sun night I believe) -also corner of 9th and Willow.


I guess Kernal isn’t used to getting spoon-fed anything other than Zimmer press releases.


I happen to love the Hoboken Police and Fire Blotter. Thank you.


This isn’t whining Angry Bird. I’m allowed to have an opinion and ask questions. The post was put up b/c I wanted to know if this was a news site or opinion site. Obviously the author has an opinion about the recent crime going on in town and has been adding it to the feed a lot more than usual. Many people in town get their news from this site and I’d like to know reasoning for more “blotter” posts lately.