Hit & Run – Reward Offered

Reward offered for Hoboken Hit & Run accident

Cash reward for hoboken hit and run - Hit & Run - Reward OfferedTo the thousands of readers that follow the Hoboken411 Police Blotter – you’ll surely recall an incident on April 30, 2011 – where a parked car was damaged in a hit & run. Well that car belonged to resident Jonathan – and he’s looking for witnesses:

“I am reaching out to you in hopes that you can help spread the news of a Hit and Run incident that damaged my car while it was parked on Willow at 2nd street.

This occurred on the evening of Saturday April 30, and the culprit was driving what witnesses describe as a white sedan. Witnesses say the driver was pulling off to the side to pick up (a) local resident friend(s) and hit the front of my car, a black, late model Mitsubishi sedan. Witnesses called police and saw the white car pull around the corner onto 2nd street. When police arrived, witnesses say the white car was around the corner and police did not see the culprit on the first pass. Once police passed by, the white car fled the scene.

I am offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the culprit of this crime which has caused roughly $4,000 in damages to my vehicle. Please see the attached image for the reward flyer I am handing out in the neighborhood.

I have set up a phone number and an email address for the public to reach me.
Per the attached flyer, my public contact information is as follows:
Phone: 201-815-HELP
Email: HobokenCarHitInfo@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, and I hope that with your help we can catch the culprit and bring them to justice.


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Ugh, that is the worst! I feel for you. My car was also sideswiped while parked overnight next to st ann’s (7th b/w Madison and Jefferson) on Saturday night (4/30/11)….they actually took out the entire passenger side of my car and drove off. And…the two cars parked in front of mine were hit pretty hard as well.

On top of that….the Hoboken PD refused to come after I explained to them that there were three cars significantly damaged….it took me 45 mins to drive to the police station to file a report (road closures because of the festival on sunday)….AND…there were about 10 Hoboken police officers sitting around at the station seemingly doing nothing. I’m not sure of any other municipal police department that would refuse to come to the scene of a hit-and-run after being called twice.

Thanks Hoboken.


That sucks. When i first moved to Hoboken 5 years ago, I was parked normally, Garden between 8th & 9th. Guy tried to squeeze between me and an ambulance responding to a call. He didn’t fit. So he side swiped me and hit the ambulace too. I was lucky because you really can’t hit & run an ambulance, i’m sure he’d have been happy to flee if it was just my car. Still a pain, but it the streets aren’t THAT narrow taht people should hit legally parked cars.