Trash Fire 222 Clinton

A few of you asked about this trash fire today behind 222 Clinton / 225 Grand Streets. Nothing major, but here’s a photo of the aftermath, and a little recap of what happened. Thanks Julie, Matt and Alex for the info.

  • “It was a garbage can fire in the back of 222 Clinton that caught the fence on fire. The garbage can melted. Never caught to the building.”
  • “there was a fire in a garbage bin in a parking lot in clinton just before. a lot of firetruck and police activity there. I don’t know what # the apt is, but its right behind 225 grand street apartment. the fire burnt the fence from 225 grand”
  • “there was some nice smoke seen from Washington and 3rd. “


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I know that place!!! hmmm, maybe it is the guy that hangs out in the parking lot that put his cigar out and that caused the fire. (that guy does live in the condos -and he is always smoking out in the lot)