60 Second Review: Energy Kitchen Burgers

[Continuing the original Hoboken411 60 Second Review Series…]

Energy Kitchen Burgers: Is healthy worth the taste?

Some of you may get email promotions from Energy Kitchen (96 Hudson St.) from time to time.

Well, Hoboken411 is on their mailing list – and they got me at the right time – when I was hungry. In this promotion – they offer three of their “burgers” for $5.00 during the month of April – BBQ Turkey Burger, Supreme Sirloin Burger, and their Buffalo Chicken Burger.

I had to try all three to put it all into perspective – so here’s your 60-second review:

  • Sirloin Burger: Meat definitely reminded me of those “Topps” brand frozen patties. Not 100% disgusting, but not visually appealing either. Multi-grain bun was good though.
  • Buffalo Chicken: Quite dry and artificial tasting at first. Looked more re-constituted than a “genuine” chicken breast. Flavor grew on me as I journeyed through it. Also a decent bun.
  • BBQ Turkey: This burger was a bit less dry than the chicken, and had the most “flavor” of the bunch. Acceptable turkey burger consistency. Wasn’t thrilled with the BBQ part.
  • Conclusion: The winner at Energy Kitchen is their Turkey Burgers. Will try them one more time, but with a different topping configuration. If you want a real burger – head over to someplace like Mikie Squared – or even better – to Truglio’s Meat Market and make them yourself!

Do you enjoy Energy Kitchen? If so, what is your favorite?

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