World Premiere: Titus Andronicus Video

Titus Andronicus: No Future Part 3: Escape from No Future

“You people out there, you think you know New Jersey, you think cuz you’ve seen The Sopranos, The Real Housewives, you’ve seen Jersey Shore, you heard about the garbage dumps, you smelled the Meadowlands when you were driving down the Turnpike. You think you know New Jersey?
Titus Andronicus The Monitor - World Premiere: Titus Andronicus Video
You don’t know anything about New Jersey…”

That’s what Patrick Stickles, front man for New Jersey based Titus Andronicus says in their new video entitled “No Future Part 3: Escape from No Future,” which is a “love letter to NJ,” and in it the band travels to The Pine Barrens, Little Egg Harbour, Asbury Park, and New Brunswick before finally ending up in Jersey City.

The video honors the state in a way that it truly deserves. New Jersey is NOT a punchline – it is a lovely place – the home of Sinatra, Springsteen and Stickles, and the band wants to involve all NJ residents in their excitement.

NJ: With its faults & flaws, it’s still home

If you’re unfamiliar with Titus Andronicus, here’s a little background: Filled with triumphant rock anthems, aggressive melodies and above all else, brutal honesty, the band has rightfully earned comparisons to such iconoclasts as Bruce Springsteen, and The Replacements. With a grand total of 57 shows lined up for this Spring and Summer that will see them sharing the stage with the likes of Bright Eyes and Okkervil River, Titus Andronicus have distinguished themselves as one of the hardest working bands today. Their last album, The Monitor was released last Spring and made its way onto many year end-lists.

Rolling Stone said: “Lyrically, history and modern anxiety morph into freedom songs for an age where, then as now, “the enemy is everywhere,” and neither whiskey nor “a pretty good GPA” will save you. But an album this excellent just might.”

Stickles adds, “Throughout our career, we in the rock and roll band Titus Andronicus have gone to great lengths to celebrate our New Jersey heritage. We know well how our state has a way of instilling in its citizens a certain sense of underdog pride – for all of its faults and flaws, it is home, and for all that we may dream of escaping it, we never hope to forget it. These themes of regional identity, the way that a sense of heritage informs our behavior, run throughout our latest album, The Monitor, and with this video we intend to manifest them visually.”

Titus Andronicus will be performing at Maxwell’s on April 29th as part of their nationwide tour.

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Friday, April 29, 2011 5:22 pm

I like the video concept, but the song blows. It’s boring chords and yelling. I’m no old fart. I listen to RXP and there’s a lot better new, local rock than this. Maybe their other stuff is better, but this song… mmm… not so much.

Friday, April 29, 2011 3:07 pm

great video, I was at Iron Monkey for the performance
Go Jersey City

Friday, April 29, 2011 8:44 am

When’s the last time “you smelled the Meadowlands?” The landfills haven’t taken household garbage in almost 20 years.

Friday, April 29, 2011 1:05 am

Out of curiosity I checked their site and listened to a few other songs, which were better in my opinion.

Friday, April 29, 2011 12:58 am

Watched and listened to the video and appreciated it. Back in the days a band like this would have 45’s at all the local places and, you know, you’d pick it up for a reasonable price and would get very psyched. There was something about it being the one you picked out, before you could download 100s which sort of diluted the long moment of immersion into something new. Now I think kids must click and after a few seconds .. . . . click again. When you bought a record, well that was it, and you listened to the whole thing. Sometimes it turned out, actually, to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship (in the words of Humphrey Bogart, though I guess his issues in Cacsablanca were far different). Other times the record or CD didn’t really do much. But damn I miss those days. This band reminded me of them, and I wish them luck in cyberspace and in actual life.

How do local bands these days amass a following? Facebook? Just wondering…

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