Interesting phone calls recently being made to the residents of the First and Fourth wards (and now others). Some kind of campaign polling with tons of questions.

See what one reader wrote in about Summit Research Group, as well as some controversy involving the City Council of Tempe Arizona.

The reader said:

hoboken-pollsters.gif“For some strange reason I did not hang up on a telemarketer call tonight and had a very interesting talk with him. The caller was calling from Summit Research and was calling in regards to Hoboken. I pressed him on who paid for the campaign but he was not aware of who funded it or could not answer the question.

I did uncover that they were calling into only the 1st & 4th wards.

Examples of topics or questions asked during the call. I answered no opinion to most of the questions but some of them were so poorly written that they actually could not be answered or the question was so obviously slanted that you could only have one answer. This represents less than half the questions I was asked.

  • What do I think of the job Roberts is doing?
  • What about the City Council?
  • What about Campos? Zimmer? Frazier? and Mussara?- (When I asked him why was he asking about non city employees he stated that as 4th ward candidates they were included on the list.)
  • He asked what one word best described Campos? – (I actually answered that question; DWI. Could not help myself.)
  • What impact will affordable housing have on the pending elections?
  • Is it the developers job to put money into contributing to build parks and open space?
  • Are developers to be blamed for using eminent domain to build tax abated properties? (I actually asked him to repeat the question 3x because I could not believe the phrasing)
  • Is flooding a problem in the 4th ward?
  • Is Education the #1 reason you will vote in the pending election?
  • What would improve our schools the most? Fix the buildings, more teachers, safer schools, longer hours?
  • Would you agree that it is the responsibility of the city, county or state to improve the infrastructure?
  • As new housing increases your property value do you agree that taxes should increase? (perfect example of a question that makes no sense)
  • Do we need more parking in Hoboken?
  • Who is to blame for the parking problems? (how about short sighted politicians, was not an option)
  • Is the Robotic garage a disaster?
  • Is Hoboken doing enough to protect pedestrians?
  • Did the city buy St Mary’s Hospital to build large condo’s on the property?

Any thoughts to who is trying to gather all of this information?”

And here is an interesting piece of information I dug up about Summit Research…


In this letter it states: “Summit Research has been conducting a potentially illegal push-poll. The poll is designed to influence the upcoming election, which includes several open-space-related questions. One of the questions in the poll is extremely misleading, and has little connection to the facts. The City of Flagstaff is considering legal action against Mr. Crusa’s firm and/or the sponsors of the poll because the poll amounts to political advertising. Under most circumstances, it is a violation of Arizona law to attempt to influence the outcome of an election though advertising without disclosing who is paying for the advertising. Even when questioned directly, Summit pollsters do not disclose who is paying for their so-called poll.”

You thoughts? Has anyone living in those wards received similar calls?

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[quote comment=”19248″]In regard to chacha in the mid 60’s all the cats in the area of 4th&garden had no tails. We all had a very feeling it was that little shit “little davey roberts” NOB.S.[/quote]

He was probably practicing his ribbon cutting technique on the cats. :mrgreen:


In regard to chacha in the mid 60’s all the cats in the area of 4th&garden had no tails. We all had a very feeling it was that little shit “little davey roberts” NOB.S.


[quote comment=”19223″]Word from a reliable source that it’s not the Roberts HDCO crew. It’s most likely Stack/Ramos folks… but then again there seems to be more than one going around…[/quote]


Is Stack backing Campos? Is Roberts backing Campos?

Do they have joint custody ?



I enjoyed the recent letter to the editor where it said Campos has very good character because he doesn’t use Drunk Driving to question someone’s character.

It brought much humor to the letters section.

Drunk Driving = Good Leader


C’mon, Westy! Can you blame him for copying Dawn’s homework? I mean between a DUI, shouting down constituents at council meetings, and hangovers how’s he supposed to find time to do his own homework?