Boost Mobile {long gone}

Boost Mobile hangs up on Hoboken

Boost Mobile (formerly “Gold Wireless” a few years ago) closed up shop a few weeks ago.

Those with refillable plans can still get cards from Radio Shack, I believe. And there are tons of other outlets in the surrounding towns.

Regardless – the whole mobile phone industry is a cartel anyway. Might be better off getting a pre-paid flip phone and only using it when absolutely necessary.

Boost Mobile Closed Hoboken NJ - Boost Mobile {long gone}

Description: For Rent Pay as you go Boost Mobile Cell Phone & Accessory store. Also buyers of gold and silver.
Address: 527 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

Gold Wireless: Hoboken’s Newest Cell Phone Store

April 2011:

Opening up this week is Gold Wireless – located at 527 Washington Street (former home of the doomed Down to Earth clothing store.)

Gold Wireless primarily specializes in Boost Mobile “pay as you go” cell phones & plans. Boost features “bill shrinkage,” which starts at $50 a month for unlimited everything ($10 extra for international), and your bill shrinks $5 a month every six months – until you reach $35/month after 18 months of paying your bills on time. They also offer Blackberry plans ($10 more), and an Android 2.2 device coming out shortly.

This is their second NJ location, with their flagship “mother store” located in Linden, NJ. They also buy gold – which may help a lot of people make ends meet as gold hovers around $1500/ounce.

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