Makeovers offers new client specials in Hoboken

Here’s a little style update for you today. Makeovers has been happily settling in at their new location at 327 Washington Street – and wanted to let both old and new residents know about their rewards program as well as new client specials.

For one, they have a Customer Rewards program (like a frequent shopper) that enables you to get a free blowout or men’s haircut after just 10 visits. You’ll also be on the list for secret sales which only members receive. Call 201-420-1444 for more info.

Their new client specials include $35 wash-cut-blowout, $49 color touchup (w/ blowout) and $99 highlights (including 20 foils and blowout). Even if you have a regular stylist – sometimes it’s nice to explore the waters. You never know – maybe you’ll be happier?

makeovers new client specials hoboken NJ - Makeovers

You can follow Makeovers on Facebook – or check them out on their “website” (remember those?) here

Makeovers is the premier beauty supply store & salon in Hoboken!

12/5/2014 Update:

You have to give some businesses in Hoboken some serious props. Makeovers at 327 Washington Street is a fine example.

For one, they’ve stayed in business over 15 years in an up and down economy. This is especially noteworthy because beauty products are often considered near the top of the list of discretionary items that might get cut in bad economic situations. They’ve pulled through.

And secondly, rather than leave town when the rent more than doubles (like Ricky’s), they pulled it together and found another place to serve local residents. And with the owner, and 80% of their employees living in Hoboken, it’s nice to see them hold on and maintain presence.

That said – perhaps (and without the need of American Express telling us how to shop local), some of you Hoboken411 readers can swing by and show some support. They even have cut and color specials for new customers (like a $35 wash, cut and blowout – or a free cut and blowout with any highlight service!)

As you can see from the photo gallery below, they have an extensive selection of all the skin, hair and beauty supplies anyone might need – and I’m sure they can get you pretty much anything if they don’t have it in stock (free delivery too!)

Kudos to Makeovers for hanging in there and having faith in the local Hoboken community!

The move is complete: Makeovers has a new home

11/10/2014 update:

Congratulations to Makeovers in Hoboken for two things: Completing their move across the street – and surviving in a not-so-friendly business climate!

Their move to 327 Washington Street was done a couple weeks ago. Stay tuned for a grand re-opening celebration very soon!

makeovers hoboken nj 327 washington street - Makeovers

Description: Full service salon & Beauty supply center, Hair, skin care, nails, Bath & Body, Cosmetics, Beauty appliances – nail care, skin care, hair care, Color, colognes, perfumes, gift baskets, Bio Ionic Retexturizing System – Permanent Thermal Reconditioning
Address: 327 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201)420-1444

Makeovers… makes a move in Hoboken to new location

7/8/2014 Update:

Makeovers has long been a “staple” of Hoboken. A beauty supply store – as well as a full-service salon. Currently located at 302 Washington Street, they’re making a big move come this fall. By September 2014, they will have moved across the street to 327 Washington Street (former home of “Greetings from Hoboken.”)

They said the reason they’re moving is mainly because the location is still viable, and with better rent and the chance to re-structure their layout. Currently, many people walking by don’t even realize they offer salon services.

The new location will prominently feature BOTH the salon and “product” easily visible from the sidewalk.

Congrats and good luck, Makeovers!

Makeovers Hoboken NJ moving to 327 Washington Street - Makeovers

Makeovers gets… makeover (renovation) in Hoboken

10/10/2006 Update:

Makeovers ummm.. makeover is complete. Thank you for making Washington Street look just a little better!

makeovers new sign - Makeovers

Old look from late 2005:
makeovers - Makeovers

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kooky kat
kooky kat
Monday, November 29, 2010 9:49 am

I spend hundreds of dollars on hair products every year, always looking for something new that might work with my curly hair.

Every time I walk into this place, I feel like I am being followed around like a bloody thief. This past Friday (black friday) I went in just to poke around, see what might be new that I haven’t tried and I was followed around by one of the sales girl through the ENTIRE store. Every time I would look up, or behind me there she was “straightening” stuff on the shelves. Hey, I get that people steal. I don’t know what a thief “looks” like exactly, but I am pretty sure I am not it, and even if I was, could you possibly be more obvious about it!?

Lost yourself a customer Makeovers, a customer who loves to burn money on a bunch of hair crap!! And I mean a BUNCH of money! Don’t even get me started on hair dryers, irons and brushes!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 9:00 pm

Thanks all! Went to Mel/ Melissa at Makeovers. She’s Awesome. Seriously, The best hair-dresser I’ve ever been to! I will definitely go back to her.

Monday, August 18, 2008 8:04 pm

Secret’s out… Mel is great! I love the way she does my hair. Always a pleasure. I try to get my highlights done every other month. I’d go more often if I could. Maybe someday… :mrgreen:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 10:50 pm

Melissa does my hair, too — cut and single-process color (no bleaching or stripping, also called non-permanent) — and I’m very pleased with her work.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 4:50 pm

I love going to Mel. She can do anything I ask & she always does a terrific job. She has a great sense of style that makes her a step ahead of the rest. The girl was born to do hair. Check her out! I wouldn’t go to anyone else. :mrgreen:

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