Water Cooler – 3/28/2007

hoboken-water-cooler-retro.jpgMore randomly selected comments from the past 7 days. And despite being offline for over two days, still racked up 1000 user comments.

Here are some quick bites from last week.

  • Foxie – R.I.P.
    thewalk says: “I would rather have Randy and Foxie then these jerkoffs all over Hoboken.”
  • W Hotel
    westy says: “The tallest building in Hoboken by 16 floors ! What did Hoboken get in return for this gift? NOTHING !”
  • Another city misconduct lawsuit
    FAP says: “Thankfully Hoboken is not like China.”
  • Construction Code Office
    krewedetat says: “There is something to the fact that this guy gets away with flagrantly disregarding the law and he is also involved in politics. As they say, strange bedfellows.”
  • R2D2 Mailboxes
    hobojoe says: “Geeks of Hoboken rejoice! Start your pilgrimmages to Fourth and Washington!”
  • City Council 3/21/2007 – Recap
    krewedetat says: “You forgot to mention that Corporation Counsel Sherman announced to Ms. Kuther the the Mayor had initiated an “internal investigation” on her situation. That got some chuckles from the crowd!”
  • More about the Hoboken runaround
    wgenese says: “Good luck to Ms. Kuther… not to many forms of life lower than the slum lord and the city folk who let him get away with it.”
  • St Patrick’s Day Parade
    Lady says: “$1,000!! Are you f’ing kidding me?? That’s outrageous!”
  • Fourth Ward Race
    estevens says: “The dust hasn’t settled yet, but it’s a pretty good bet that this election will see alliances that many would never have imagined.”
  • Calling all candidates
    DARN says: (in response to Sherman resigning) “Who is going to be condescending to the public speakers during council meetings then? Oh, wait I forgot, Campos will still be there for that.”

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