Hoboken Hothouse Home & Garden

Hoboken Hothouse opening at 2nd & Monroe

Noticed that this retail spot at 2nd & Monroe Streets had a sign indicating that Hoboken Hothouse (which is currently at 120 Washington Street) is coming soon.

Not sure if they’re opening a second location, or just looking for refuge from the astronomical rents on the main drag.

Either way, their flowers will be gracing this neighborhood which is over half a mile walk further west. Hopefully, the better chance at scoring a parking spot will offset the reduction in foot traffic.

Hoboken Hothouse coming to 2nd and Monroe Streets - Hoboken Hothouse Home & Garden

New Home & Garden Store: Hoboken Hothouse


Coming over the river from NYC – and sharing a new space at 120 Washington Street with William Howard Home (starting May 1, 2011) is Hoboken Hothouse Home and Garden.

Known for years as the “Plant Lady” at “The King and I” in New York City’s Plant District, Karen Nason has moved herself and her operation to the wonderful mile square city of Hoboken, NJ.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Karen!

Hoboken Hothouse home and garden 120 Washington Street Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Hothouse Home & Garden

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 1:03 pm

I’ll be the FIRST one here on Sunday when they open. What a fantastic store to come to Hoboken. I may have to cut back on my weekend drinking because of the money I’ll be spending at this store!

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