Observer Lofts

This has been sitting in my folder of photos for quite a while. Added to the directory today.

Another condo project, this time in the southwest corner of Hoboken. While not officially part of the much-debated SW Redevelopment Plan, it’s still right on the fringes of one of the big traffic bottlenecks in the city.

Below are some construction photos taken a few weeks back (it’s changed a bit since), along with some observations from their website.


observer-lofts-rendering-hoboken.jpgTheir website is a pretty standard real estate developer version showing how fabulous Hoboken is. Including some scantily clad woman in a bikini brief. Yowsers!

I love these computer renderings. Like that guy walking into the intersection. Highly unrealistic! Instead, they should have rendered a bloody “man down” and the Hoboken EMS tending to his body after he got mowed down by an anxious commuter hepped up on five cups of Dunkin’ Donuts after running the red light. Oh, and don’t forget about the flooding…

They also published some interesting “observations” about the mile square, such as:

  • Hoboken single-handedly started the renaissance that made it cool to live along the Hudson in Jersey.
  • A W Hotel will soon stand in Hoboken affirming the city’s rise to sophistication and prominence.
  • Washington Avenue in Hoboken is lined with restaurants, bars and boutiques that rival those found in NYC’s trendiest neighborhoods.
  • The views from Hoboken’s waterfront put Manhattan in an entirely new perspective.


Description: Condos
Address: 601 Observer Highway, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Contact: Innovative Realty, 74 Washington Street (201-792-7601)

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Traffic there is horrible. As part of the SW redevelopment plan, what is sorely needed is a traffic management plan.

Still, I’m hopeful that new development will bring with it some meaningful commercial activity. Right now the SW quadrant has only that miserable little strip mall with the Dunkin Donuts, that run-down pet shop, and a few decrepit looking auto shops. Not to mention the derelict warehouse behind them.


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I had an ionic breeze years ago. It broke.


The Ionic Breeze works magic, eh?

Consumer Reports found them to be ineffective. SI tried to sue them for saying so and lost.