Mad One Jacks

Hair Salon

Description – Hair Salon
Services – Hair care, color, Apprentice program(25% off)
Website –
Address –
92 Madison St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-7816
Telephone – (201) 656-1010

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One of my friends recommended I try this place out… and I am so sorry I did. Would never recommend for anyone to go there and I would never go back even if they gave it to me for free. The overall service was awful!!! I hate to tell you but your on Madison St in Hoboken not NYC get over yourselves. Also, I told Jack that my hair takes to color very quickly and recently my colors were coming out darker than I liked. He barely listened – left the color on for way too long and my hair was almost black – I expressed my disappoint which was barely acknowledge. I even called back later to see if Jack would call me back to set up a corrective appointment and never heard back. AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL


Mr L’s is great – Haircuts are $14 (pretty sure) and its a nice old fashioned barber shop.


[quote comment=”106546″]I’m new to town and I was excited to find a cool place to get my hair cut near my condo. I made an appointment and was shocked to hear that the owner is charging $70 for guy’s hair cut. After two days of thinking about it, I decided it can’t be worth it — hot towel and cheap wine or not. There are a ton of old school places in the area. Does anyone have any reco’s?[/quote] I refer you to my previous post… can thank me later! 😀 [quote comment=”76444″][quote comment=”76420″]I get my haircut by Jack himself and am always pleased. Does he knock my socks off…no, but as a guy with shortish hair, I don’t do anything amazing with my hair style, anyway. His cuts are consistent and he’s a nice guy. Everyone else in the salon is also very friendly and chatty. On top of that, guys get a free clean-up service, so it extends your haircut a couple of weeks, which helps justify the price a bit more. In regards to turnover, the salon industry is notorious for having high turnover. Almost all of these salons have revolving doors when it comes to stylists.[/quote] If you want to get your “socks knocked off” you should be getting your hair cut at Shear Madness. Victor has been cutting my hair for the past 8 years and he is amazing. He primarily cuts guys hair and has a reception area full every time I’m there so… Read more »


Mr. L’s Hair Creations.

I always thought it was some place that specialized in novelty centerpieces for hair-centric receptions or the like, but it turns out that it’s just some barber. Boo.

kooky kat

[quote comment=”106599″]I prefer “Hairway to Heaven”. If they are closed I will go to “Shear Obsessions”. But if I’m stuck in a bind, I could always hit up “Hair We Are”.[/quote]

You mean “Hair I Am” for women and men?

That’s where my boyfriend goes, 5th between Adams and Jefferson.