Sherman to resign

Another 3/28/2007 Update:

It’s rumored that City Hall has already picked Steven Kleinman (from Scarinci & Hollenbeck) as the official successor to Sherman. No further confirmation at this time.

Here’s a little tidbit from today’s Political Insider column:

“Although he was asked to attend the Fitzgibbons luncheon, again at the last moment, Hoboken Mayor Dave Roberts stayed away. Roberts still made news by getting rid of Corporation Counsel Joe Sherman. The mayor asked for Sherman’s resignation and the lawyer refused. Anyway, he’s gone.

Some people see this as a thumb in the eye of politically active attorney Donald Scarinci, right-hand man for U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez. Sherman is from the Scarinci & Hollenbeck law firm in Lyndhurst. The idea is that the removal is retaliation for a lack of support for Kenny who is now not seeking re-election.

More than likely, it was a case of a clash of personalities. Things were not happy between Roberts and Sherman for about two years. It is expected that another attorney from the Scarinci law firm will replace Sherman.”

3/28/2007 Update:

“On Monday, I asked Hoboken City Corporation Counsel Joseph Sherman for his resignation. I did this because I have determined that the City would be better served by a change of leadership in certain areas.

Mr. Sherman serves at the sole discretion of the mayor. Therefore, I am exercising my authority to replace him. I expect Mr. Sherman to continue working on some unfinished business during a proper transition and I wish him well in his future endeavors.

I am appointing Assistant Corporation Counsel Joseph Pojanowski to succeed Mr. Sherman on an interim basis while a search for a permanent replacement takes place.

As I approach the second half of my second term as Mayor, I am re-evaluating the performance of all Department Directors. My goal is to ensure that city services are delivered in the most cost effective manner possible, and to make city government as open, honest and efficient as possible.”

3/27/2007 6:24pm:

Sherman will announce his resignation and will remain involved during a transition period.

3/27/2007 4:20pm:

Apparently the Mayor was not satisfied with Sherman’s leadership, and despite not wanting to leave, it looks as if he will accept. Wonder if he got a payout?

The Mayor has long been upset with Sherman, including his inaction on the slumlord Zaklama’s abuses which essentially broke the camel’s back.

More to come….

3/27/2007 3:24pm:
Can anyone guess why?

From (more on this later)

Hoboken’s top lawyer asked to resign

Hoboken Mayor David Roberts asked Corporation Counsel Joe Sherman, a full-time employee of the city, to resign yesterday, spokesman Bill Campbell confirmed for The Jersey Journal today.

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The New Regime
The New Regime

And here it is –

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this essentially what certain local Officials have been doing.

The OPRA is the best thing to come along in a long time. Use their own records against them.

The New Regime
The New Regime

Just saw this on –

Maybe he should turn his attention towards our neck of the woods –

“as per : U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie has scheduled a news conference this afternoon in Trenton for a “possible” announcement concerning “a high-level public official.””


“Christie is really earning his pay this week. He busted the 14 folks in Paterson, He’s getting Bryant indicted today. He busted that Gambling ring. He just filed new subpoena regarding Sharpe James. This guy is better than Elliott Ness ever dreamed of. Granted Christie has a lot more crooks to bust. Good Job Christie! Keep up the great work!”

The New Regime
The New Regime
This isn’t in Hoboken per se but it sounds like it should be – “From Mike Kelly’s column with The Record: Picture this scene. Two Democratic big shots show up at a 2005 meeting at Hackensack University Medical Center to discuss building a cancer center. But state Sen. Joe Coniglio of Paramus and Bergen Democratic boss Joe Ferriero don’t seem to be there as Democrats, with titles and alleged ethics. Coniglio, a plumber by trade, is there as a hospital consultant. Ferriero, a lawyer, is helping the hospital monitor zoning rules. They aren’t working free. The hospital is paying them for their private roles. In the case of Coniglio, though, he was also voting on a variety of state grants for the hospital. And Ferriero was building a party to elect ethically challenged men like Coniglio. At some point in the evening, one Joe sees the other across the room. It’s a magic moment. Coniglio says he asked Ferriero why he was there. “What am I doing here?” Ferriero reportedly responds. “What are you doing here?” Can we all say, “Duh?” Those lines were not from a bad “Sopranos” script, with two galoots discussing human anatomy at the Bada Bing Club. This was real life in Bergen’s Democratic Party, featuring the usual cast of conflicted knuckleheads. In this case, Coniglio and Ferriero just seem to be doing what comes naturally and sliding from their political roles into private roles — and, in turn, fattening their wallets. More importantly, they see… Read more »

My wife was a nurse at St. Mary’s for three months. She quit because of the awful management on the floor she was working. Anyway, she ran into Sasso a few times in the course of her time at there and the fat f**k would hit on her! He’s pathetic.

uptown girl
uptown girl

There is something to this Sasso Zaklama thing. I heard that Sasso wasn’t even a part of the meeting in Monday. He should be held accountable for his negligence, after all he is the “Chief” Health Officer & City Council all seemd to agree that it falls on his shoulders. HE SHOULD BE SUSPENDED! He broke the code of ethics by siding with Zaklama and really turned his back on those tenants.