NJ Transit Cop Parking Offender

Out of town cops behaving badly in Hoboken

One Hoboken411 reader sent this photo in last weekend – of yet another instance of out-of-town “officials” abusing their power here in Hoboken, NJ.

Whether it’s the Port Authority, or NJ Transit – who normally aren’t tending to jobs here in town, they continue parking wherever they want. In this case, I guess it’s not as bad as others, but just adding “to the file…”

NJ Transit Cop parks illegally in yellow by intersection in Hoboken NJ

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Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:06 pm

i love how the person who posted this picture says that transit police dont attend to jobs in hoboken or the towns surrounding it because they might be the hardest working police officers around this area. And yes they parked half way inside the yellow line, wow big deal im sure you as a hoboken resident have never done this before. besides the fact that these hard working officers deserve there time to have a meal. so what they parked outside halfway through a yellow line right ouside LB guess what, while they are in the middle of their dinner and they get a call they have to respond right away, and speaking for the transit police, if you are the one getting mugged on the light rail wud you rather these officers park 8 blocks away and have to walk to their car to come try and help you or would u rather them be parked right outside so they can get to you as soon as possible. idk about u but they are the ones serving and protecting us so in all honesty i wouldnt worry to much about where the car is parked.

Thursday, April 28, 2011 6:21 pm

The PAPD supplies HPD with their emergency service unit, we all remember what happened to HPD’S unit.

Thursday, April 28, 2011 5:52 pm

I would think it is safe to assume the NJTPD and PAPD we see in town are here because of their duties. They don’t get to cover a territory somewhere across the state but just pop on over to Hoboken to chill. Both agencies cover large swaths of territory, but have areas of primary jurisdiction across town. I don’t listen to the HPD scanner, but lots of entries in the police botter note these and other local agencies (Stevens, HCSO) lending a hand to big incidents…we can all agree the police get pulled in lots of directions and likely appreciate the help.

As for this “violation”, I wish I saw more corner offenders only protruding a few feet into the yellow. We all know what it is like to take the dog out or walk somewhere with cars right up to the corner (The Original “Corner Cars”!).

Let’s not become the little old lady that calls in with petty complaints all day, only to get ignored when it is a little more legit. *As always, I am not responding saying “Cops can do whatever they want, tough noogies, deal with it!”

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