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Actually Homeworld I … Dave Robert’s Karate Coach!!!!

Ha! Ha! Chop! Chop! Farina san


Hey honcho, are you a Toll Brothers employee?

Or just a City Hall Employee. . . oh wait, I guess they’re one in the same.


[quote comment=”18642″]
Why yes it is…..why don’t you and your pal Raveche get to work and clean it up!!!![/quote]

I’m not going to waste much more time on this, but:
1) Raveche is not my pal- that’s just more wild, baseless nonsensical conjecture from someone with a very narrow perspective.
2) Is Sybill’s cave on Stevens property? Yes. Was I ever inundated with press releases, photos, editorials and mailings from Stevens touting their plans to reopen Sybill’s cave? No. Did I receive all of that from Mayor Roberts? Yes. I think we know who drove that entire debacle.
If there is a problem with litter on one side of Sinatra Drive – fine. That point is made. But I don’t understand the relentless attacks on a person/business/institution/whatever it may be because the entity realizes it can no longer carry out a proposal it drew up a decade ago, and which hasn’t even been a consideration in nearly as long. Remember, past performance is no guarantee of future results – that disclaimer goes both ways. Did they run into some problems with the garage portion of the Babbio building? Apparently so. Does that mean they are automatically failures in anything they may consider from now on?


Hobojoe..pass the Stevens cool aid

I’ll agree with Red on this one – there’s no way they can pull those plans off at this time. However, I do think that at the time many of them were drawn up they really were capable of doing them. A lot has changed since then, and right now they certainly don’t seem to have the resources they did a few years back.

What’s changed …I’ll fill you in ….Steven’s yet to be completed Babbio monstrosity….

They can’t even “manage” to finish off that joke without being bailed out with a bond but some how they could’ve pulled together and completed a waterfront development weel over twice the scale of the Toll Brothers Maxewell Place project


Is Sybills Cave on Stevens land????
Sybil’s Cave is located off of Sinatra Drive on the property of Stevens Institute of Technology, across from the Castle Point Park fishing pier.


Why yes it is…..why don’t you and your pal Raveche get to work and clean it up!!!!

Honcho say Chop! CHOP! Steven’s Litterbug!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: (41) above- It’s wild conjecture and baseless nonsense like this that take meaningful back-and-forth and reduce it to near worthless. The Stevens Yacht Club presently pays dearly to keep their larger craft at the Shipyard. The smaller ones are dollied by hand to Sinatra park and launched from there when used. Anyone who spends any time out along the waterfront in Hoboken during the summer/fall will probably recognize them. Someone who gets out only long enough to single out an old boat which may or may not belong to them and uses that to poke meaningless cheap shots at a legitimate student organization obviously would not. “New” public outreach center would imply just that – NEW as in did not exist before. You seem to take great offense at all litter you seem to see on the cliffs. I would assume you have the same disdain for the eyesore unfinished Sybills Cave project the mayor carved out and abandoned? “Big John” tower seems to be on relatively fine structural footing. What’s your claim that it’s “one step from going into the Hudson” based on? Have you measured uneven settlement or shifting of the structure or foundation? Do you even know what type of foundation it sits on? Do you even know whether it’s behind the relieving wall or out on pilings? I’ll agree with Red on this one – there’s no way they can pull those plans off at this time. However, I do think that at the time… Read more »