Where did the Hoboken pool go?

[Continuing the reader contributed series “Cornering the Market,” written by Brian Murray]

I Found The Hoboken Pool!

As the memory of snow drifts fade into the leaves of spring, thoughts are turning to another year without a town pool. On the bright side, the Secaucus pool is across the street from the water treatment center… not sure if there is enough chlorine to make me comfortable sticking my head under water. And I’ve swam in the East River. Please excuse my son’s third eye.

Previous years’ attempts to secure a pool held the mantra: “Get The Developer To Pay For It.” Like some The Boy Who Cried Wolf story come to life, here we are again. Where is my pitchfork?

Well I’ve found the pool and an answer to really having a pool:

It’s as if a town pool was made of glass and dropped on Washington Street. Thus shattering into pieces that have tuned up all across Hoboken. The hidden pools tucked in the back of a typical 25 x 100 lot. No yard, just pool for the condo owners to frolic while those of us who don’t have a shore house curse those two faced politicians err I mean developers.

So if Hoboken is going to set aside $20 million or so to buy land maybe we could build a pool too. I hate to harp on a recurring theme but… How about some lot coverage trade-offs for a pool fund? What resident is going to complain that a builder built family friendly housing (i.e. three bedrooms and larger than 1500 sq.ft.) and at the same time contributed to the pool fund to do it? Tell those complainers to get out of their suits lest the drip water all over city hall.

Telling Market Stat: Available Condos on 10/15/2010: 505, Available 4/21/2011: 376

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1115 Willow has a pool, too.

As for where the Hoboken pool went, it sailed off to Brooklyn because Hoboken didn’t want to pay to maintain the free pool.