Moran’s (Update)

Moran’s gets a kitchen in Hoboken, NJ

Moran’s used to be about music, darts and booze. Now you can add food to the list, as they opened up their kitchen last week after a few months of renovating. Lunch, dinner and starting this weekend, brunch as well.

Adding food to a bar that’s been around for two and a half decades is a nice move. Even better if the food is tasty!

Moran’s Hoboken NJ gets a kitchen food lunch brunch dinner

Description: Irish Pub (kitchen opened 2016)
Address: 501 Garden St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-3901
Telephone: (201) 795-2025

Pic from 2006:

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update to music issue, lenny has installed touch tunes AND they have done a great job with the music avail free of download!


Anyone see the drunk chick on crutches Saturday.

Drunkin gimps are funny.


They have drink specials, they are called “buybacks”. You drink regularly enough, tip well and you get the special.

All the bartenders are great. True about the music, but that’s part of its charm – the one scratched up Rolling Stone CD that gets played each night. 🙂


music selection could be better, time to get with the times and get an ipod hooked up, I’ve already heard every mix cd they have. bartenders are good guys there, jen must not have made an impression or she would have seen some drink specials thrown her way.


great place, friendly staff and very welcoming laid back atmosphere. would be nice if they had some drink specials.