Hoboken police and fire blotter: 4/17/2011

Hoboken crime, fire & incident update: April 17, 2011

Various Hoboken incidents – Sunday, April 17, 2011. This post may be updated as necessary.

  • 4/17/2011 12:50pm: “Bicyclist Down”
    Reports of an injured bicyclist at 16th & Park Avenue uptown. Hope he’s alright! You’d think that with the city promoting green-this and bike-lane-that, they’d fix the minefield known as “Hoboken Streets” first?
  • 4/17/2011 8:20am: Three car accident shuts down main drags
    A three car collision (including a NYC cab) occurred at Observer & Washington Streets this morning. While no serious injuries were reported, HFD had to shut the intersection down due to hazardous leaking fluids. What’s the hurry? It’s a nice Sunday morning. C’mon!

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  • 4/17/2011 (early am): The usual flooding
    The rain storm that approached us yesterday was healthier than predicted, and caused widespread flooding across the area – including the usual spots in Hoboken (like near ShopRite)… water was receding as of early this morning.
  • 4/16/2011: Many auto accidents
    Yesterdays bad weather resulted in quite a few car accidents, including one with injuries near 1st & Harrison, and 1st & Washington near city hall. Texting is hard enough while driving, that damn rain makes it even more annoying!
  • 4/16/2011: More irresponsible fire calls
    The fire department were kept bust with several false alarms – mostly due to “careless cooking,” like what happened at 1036 Park Avenue last night. I’d hate to think someone else suffers because one person was so hooked on American Idol and burnt the pot roast. We need to reserve our response teams for real emergencies!
  • 4/16/2011: Tree meet car, meet insurance adjuster
    The nasty wet weather caused this tree limb to bust up an innocent parked car near Village Pourhouse on 1st street late yesterday afternoon. Such nice blooming flowers too. What a tragedy!

  • 4/15/2011: The evil water leak makes like the Jeffersons
    “Movin’ on up” was the theme for this Hoboken water mini-disaster. Not in the form of the regularly appearing water main break, nope. A water heater in a 3rd floor apartment at 416 Washington Street (former home of Baron Drug) burst – and flooded the two floors below it, trashing the building. Talk about good timing for the owner of Baron Drug! Cashes out, gets a phat pharmacist job at Walgreen’s, and now can collect insurance moolah for the damages. Bada Bing!


More updates to come…

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