Water Cooler – 3/21/2007

hoboken-screaming-olaf.jpgMore randomly selected comments from the past 7 days.

What was being discussed in the last week?

  • Foxie – R.I.P.
    nihil72 says: “Between the kamikaze drivers and the peds who–honest to god–make you wonder if half the city suffers from Down syndrome, it’s a miracle the streets aren’t littered with bodies.”
  • Property taxes and city pensions
    honcho says: “I’d be smiling too in the paper if I was putting away all that taxpayer funded Loot!”
  • Videotaping public meetings
    whewwhewwhew says: “My fear with this is that the audio in the room is so bad you cannot hear even when you are in the front row. Poor Helen’s comments are barely audible.”
  • Metrostop – 800 Jackson
    westy says: “This is not a bad building, but it is in a bad location. Everyone but the developer said it should be open space.”
  • City Council Candidates Announced
    FAP says: “So to sum up because you aren’t sure Zimmer can get a SW park or stop flooding you’re voting for the person who has proved he won’t even try. That’s Hoboken logic for you folks.”
  • Another city misconduct lawsuit
    matt_72 says: “Why does our police force even have horses and a swat team? I think that might be the better question.”

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