Hoboken411 Flashback: 2010

[Reminiscing Hoboken411’s Five Year Anniversary…]

Hoboken in 2010 – so close, yet so far away

Despite being only 107 days away from last year – 2010 was another busy year for Hoboken news! You’d be surprised by how much you’ve already forgotten!

Trivia: Did you know that Hoboken411 has covered nearly 300 new business openings, and over 150 doomed shops since 2006?

Hoboken411 Flashback to 2010 in Hoboken NJ History Recap - Hoboken411 Flashback: 2010

Top Hoboken411 Headlines in 2010

Hands down, the biggest story of the year was the big December Blizzard which threw Hoboken on it’s heels. The city administration dropped the ball big time, and that’s the price you pay when you vote amateurs into office. See awesome blizzard photos & videos here.

NJ Governor Chris Christie paid Hoboken a visit – but many think it was more political stunt, than real progress.

Hoboken had big waterfront news too – when Sinatra Drive collapsed (despite Mayor Zimmer knowing about the pending danger). We had reason to celebrate once Pier C Park finally opened, but Debbie Downer quickly stepped in when the suicide jumper ruined the Pier C high.

Other non-political top stories included a fire on Park Ave. that ruined some old row houses, more pitbull attacks, and unusual tidbits like Jenn Sterger’s X-Rated encounter with Brett Favre (even though she never lived in Hoboken), and the wacky Russian Spies that actually lived in Hoboken, and now have semi-celebrity careers.

Hoboken residents trudge to work after December 2010 Blizzard - Hoboken411 Flashback: 2010

Hoboken Political News in 2010 an embarrassment for residents

Unfortunately – politics in Hoboken didn’t provide us with rainbows, unicorns and pots of gold – but rather some fairly unpleasant news to report.

Like the ongoing bloated property taxes in the Mile Square – and even worse, Mayor Dawn Zimmer comparing taxes to the Holocaust. Sick, really!

The Municipal Garage Debacle was an utter waste of time for everyone involved, and a enormous squandered opportunity for Hoboken.

Oh, yeah – Peter Cammarano pled guilty and began serving his time, now resigned Public Safety Director Angel Alicea was called a “Double Dipper,” and we had Zimmer appoint Municipal Board member Nancy Pincus who loves using Nazi hate imagery to get the attention she sorely lacked in her life.

Police Audit debates, as well as Police Layoffs – along with Angelo Andriani getting in more trouble marred the HPD’s image just a bit.

Rounding out noteworthy political stories in 2010 were:

Life otherwise in Hoboken NJ back in 2009

Many people can live a fulfilling life without the politics (myself included), so what else went on last year?

Well – I guess the Jersey Shore and Cake Boss have enough of an audience to get renewed every year. Even some broad named Snooki visited Carlo’s Bakery last year. But Cake Boss cast member Remy Gonzalez got into some sticky trouble that some people were dying to read about!

God, how do you segue from that? Anyway, in other psuedo-celebrity news – Snoop Dog paid a visit to the W Hoboken – complete with Po-Po action, Artie Lange stabbed himself many times (for what?), and our attention was diverted with that whole Emily Grace Missing Scam.

Hoboken roads are perennial news-makers, with some streets getting resurfaced, and 95% of the others are in shoddy condition. We suffered through the usual flooding again all year, and we re-routed during the summer when Sinatra Drive closed.

Hoboken Paving in 2010 - Hoboken411 Flashback: 2010

Hoboken Uppers:

  1. Macy’s July 4th Fireworks
  2. The Lunch Truck Brigade (and our newest one coming this month – Home By The Range)
  3. Updated PATH Train Cars
  4. “Hoboken No Jokin’ Whaaaa?”
  5. The Hoboken Seal
  6. Hoboken Police advising residents on how to protect themselves

Hoboken Downers:

  1. R.I.P Andrew Amato, Sr.
  2. The Hudson Tea Building Suicide Jumper
  3. The Fledgling Real Estate Market
  4. Bye Bye Big John!
  5. Bye Bye branches at Church Square Park!
  6. Complaints about the St. Ann’s Feast from Neighbors
  7. Stroller Mom Debates

That’s it until the 10 year anniversary in 2016! To see what shops came and went, check out the Hoboken business year in review for 2010 here.

Enjoy your weekend, too!

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Friday, April 15, 2011 1:55 pm

Love the way Jen Sterger is giggling at Lenz and Soares running around in their skivvies!

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