Board of Education Election April 17th

4/17/2007 10:30pm update:

Here are the results from the Hudson County Clerks office.

Kids First took three out of four, with “Boxing Jimmy” leading all vote getters. Sorry for the sloppy edit, will fix it up later.

Board of Education – Hoboken

36/36 100.00%
Under Votes 1260
Over Votes 0

Vote Count
– Carrie Gilliard 1,088
– Wanda Santana-Alicea 854
– James J. Farina 1,308
– Rose Marie Markle 952
– Theresa Burns 751
– Nicholas Burke 563
– Felicia Rubino-Drasheff 878
– William Tobias 919
Personal Choice 7
Total 7,320

Board of Education – Hoboken 1YR Unexpired

36/36 100.00%
Under Votes 1136
Over Votes 0

Vote Count
– Tricia Snyder 1,044
– Magdalena Porrata 679
Personal Choice 1
Total 1,724

board%20of%20education - Board of Education Election April 17th

4/17/2007 Update:

Vote today on the way home! Polls open at 2pm.

Check here to see your voting location.

4/12/2007 Update:

Here are the candidates so far that have responded to the questions posted. Will post any others that are received by later tonight or Friday morning. Anything received after will be posted on Monday.

Tricia Snyder

Rose Marie Markle
Bill Tobias
Carrie Gilliard

4/12/2007 Update: Note to all candidates: If you want something published on your behalf before the election, please get it to me by end of business today. Otherwise it will have to wait until Monday.

Here’s info about the public forum this weekend:

hoboken boe forum - Board of Education Election April 17thOn Sunday April 15 the Hoboken Family Alliance is hosting a forum for parents and voters to meet and question School Board candidates. Make your vote count by hearing what candidates are best qualified to make decisions for our city’s schools.

In an organized, open forum, candidates will be present to answer your questions and express their views on Hoboken Schools and how they will contribute to Board of Education if elected on April 17th.

All members of the community are encouraged to attend.

Get out and vote on April 17th!

Location: Hoboken Multi-Service Center at 124 Grand St.
Date: Sunday April 15th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Sponsor: Hoboken Family Alliance
Email questions in advance to

4/10/2007: Final Week

With the very important Board of Education election about a week away, I figured I’d throw a few questions out there for any candidates to address. Sorry to everyone if I haven’t given this enough attention, but I’ve been trying my best to cover as much as I can in the 24 hours I have a day.

So, if any candidates would like to address them, here is your place to do so. Although I do not have the time to create a new section for each person running, I’m asking if any of the candidates would like to send me their announcements or press releases, and I’ll publish them as I receive them in separate posts, but all comments should still be made here.

  • What role should the School Board have in role in non-education issues, like athletic fields or playgrounds closer to the schools?
  • Should the School Board have a voice about the cities position to provide tax abatements for market rate housing? In essence, requiring existing home owners to carry a larger tax burden for the school?
  • What programs are being offered to students of Demarest Alternative High School that their parents know their children are receiving equal opportunity for a good vocational education?
  • What do you believe are the pressing needs of our district, educational, financially?
  • How would you make a difference in approaching those issues?

Mark you calenders and vote. While not as popular as other national or local elections, this is just as important, since the BOE spends millions of Hoboken taxpayer dollars annually.

Key dates:

March 27 – Last day to register to vote in School Board Elections
Get your form here:

March 30 April 10th– Last day to mail in ballots – After that, they can be delivered in person.
Get your vote by mail form here:

April 17 – Election day

Read this article from last weeks Hoboken Reporter to catch up with the goings on.

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This was awesome the bums are out.

Now get Russo, Campos and the rest of the thugs …. 😈


Actually it involves more Wards as I am in the 4th and I too recieved a 2nd Ward ballot. However they did leave me a voicemail re the mistake and said new ballots have been sent out. I wonder how much that cost? 🙄


I agree with you about NB Mayor..He is also very visible to ALL of his town’s citizens and most definately shows
his appreciation to those who are loyal and work hard for him.


[quote comment=”22375″]Guess their mayor
likes it that way.[/quote]

Maybe that’s because their mayor is actually responsible instead of a moron like ours who poses for pictures in boxing gloves after he fights with another city employee…