Another city misconduct lawsuit

On the heels of Sergeant Peck’s successful lawsuit against the City, is Sergeant Competello, who’s also suing the city for misconduct and ethics violations involving the rental of the location where Hoboken is currently housing the Mounted Police Horses.

The original complaint letter that Competello sent to the Attorney General is available online HERE.

mounted squad - Another city misconduct lawsuit

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i love the internet. This shit was never available before. :mrgreen:


Maybe they can use the manure to fertilize the grass at Church Square park and get rid of the artificial turf?



How did the Hoboken Horseys get cheaper rent?

Did they get an apartment at Church Towers?


Seems the City has a new rental agreement with the owners of 610-619 Newark Street (The Happy Hoboken Horsey Barn) for a montly rent of only $1,000.00 which is a $2,000.00 reduction.

How could this be boys and girls ? Could the bright light of public exposure brightened the hearts of evil men?
:roll:;) 😆

rose colored glasses
rose colored glasses

[quote comment=”17648″]Fair enough

So true… puzzling that the Mayor doesn’t stick around to shake hands like he did when he was up for re-election. But all those Council Member wannabee’s.. this is your chance to get them to work for your vote, not just give empty promises of why we should vote for them.

Red Haven
Red Haven

Fair enough Rose, but I think if I asked the Council about Cellular Phones I would only get a bunch of blank stares. The only way to really know what’s going on is to request all the phone bills. I heard Somebody tried that and was denied due to “security reasons.”

BTW, Roberts doesn’t regularly attend Council Meetings like Russo used to. When Davey does show up, he reads a proclaimation and makes a bee-line for the exit before anyone can ask him any hard questions.