Reporter Roundup – 3/19/2007

suggestion-box-shredder.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are some highlights from the 3/18/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Here’s my summary for this week’s edition:

  • Cover story about Richard Del Boccio who’s retiring from the City Council.
  • Sex fiend was finally busted
  • Article about the lawsuit won by Police Sergeant Peck (whose name was made popular after the DWI Councilman Campos and corresponding phone call from the NYPD.)
  • Another officer (Sgt. Competello) alleging more misconduct of city officials and filing suit.
  • Board of Education elections coming April 17th, and the candidates involved.
  • The fancy Teak restaurant is reviewed.
  • A chunky letters to the editor section this week. Theresa Castellano, Michael Russo and Anthony Mussara announce their candidacy. Dawn Zimmer rebuts Chris Campos, and one person is unhappy about her campaign flyers.
  • My horoscope read: “Your presence is in demand, Libra, much more so than in recent weeks. Keep up the honesty and amiability and others will continue to flock to your side.”
  • No ribbon cuttings in the paper I received.

That’s it… Anything else worth noting?

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Red Haven
Red Haven

[quote comment=”17360″]They’ll be found. And I hope the charges are filed.[/quote]

I hope you are right, but the PD never caught the hit-and-run driver who mowed down and killed Dawn Zimmer’s father-in-law on Sinatra Drive.


you guys don’t understand, i am out in california right now on a business trip and I read this around 10pm last night and I was so out of control crying and I had no one to call.

i’ve been in a rut all day, i am so sad. so sad, i just called my mom to tell her about it.

of course she did not understand, but she said I had a good heart being the animal person I am. I will be so sad to return to hoboken and not see my little girl every morning.


[quote comment=”17356″]Not to mention ‘and keep going’. Maybe they were drunk? I can’t think of any other excuse than their better judgement was impaired.[/quote]

I say they were fully sober, in a hurry, thought they were just buzzing past Randy crossing the street, went around him and not realizing there was a dog, hit Foxy, realized it, and ran off in a hurry like the little wussy social mesquito they are.

They’ll be found. And I hope the charges are filed.


Whomever did this DOES NOT want to meet me.


[quote comment=”17349″]I want to know how someone can run over a dog that was probably no more than 3 feet away from a human, and NOT see it and NOT stop????


Not to mention ‘and keep going’. Maybe they were drunk? I can’t think of any other excuse than their better judgement was impaired.