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William Noonan is running for City Council and representing the Sixth Ward.

4/27/2007 Video Interview:

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Bill sent this reminder in about tomorrow’s “Saturday in the Park”:

Saturday in the Park

Who: William Noonan, 6th Ward Candidate
Where: Chruch Square Park
When: Saturday, 12-3pm

For those who were unable to attend my meet and greet last week, I will be in Church Square Park on Saturday afternoon. If you want to talk, volunteer or just play catch, stop by.


3/19/2007 Update:

Bill wrote in yesterday and said:

Dear Hoboken411:

It is with pleasure that I announce my candidacy for 6th Ward Councilman. Having been active in the community in many ways, I feel it is time to make a more defined stand on how the city should move forward. I am independent of any political machine. I stand to gain nothing financially, nor does any member of my family, from my being elected. Hoboken has gone through many positive changes in the nearly 20 years that I have lived here, but we still have a ways to go to make it the greatest city in New Jersey.

In many ways Hoboken has made great strides; we are now at a moment in time where growth needs to be managed better. Open space and continued care of our current open space needs to be a priority. Growth of the city budget is out of control, as is growth of un-checked development. Our schools need to grow into world-class organizations that draw accolades, not for athletics (while admirable), but for academics. As a member of the Hoboken Charter School Board of Directors I see that taking place, but more needs to be done. Additionally, safety issues are always a concern in an urban area. Growing a well-balanced police force that is not top-heavy, but maintains a strong street presence is vital to our community.

As Hoboken has grown, a sense of two Hoboken’s has grown. That needs to end. Working together, all members of our community will make Hoboken the greatest city in New Jersey. I want to hear what you think and how you would help to improve our town. My campaign will be about ideas and vision for a great Hoboken, not a mud-slinging contest. Because I’m independent you won’t be getting a lot of mail from me. The best way to reach voters is to talk to them. Expect to find me knocking on doors, asking for input and representing the voters’ ideas and thoughts. I look forward to speaking with many of you in the coming weeks.


Bill Noonan
Hoboken – Great Today, Better Tomorrow

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