Hoboken411 Flashback: 2009

[Reminiscing Hoboken411’s Five Year Anniversary…]

2009 was a massive year for Hoboken news!

Hoboken had non-stop big headlines back in 2009, it’s almost impossible to imagine how frenetic it was (from the reporting perspective at least). And beyond the headlines, the ever-expanding city we love had it’s fair share of business changes, crimes & fires, politics, scandals, and pedestrian pinball – all while trying to enjoy our festivals, theaters, and events despite the incoming economic tsunami.

What made the list in 2009?

Hoboken411 Flashback to 2009 in Hoboken NJ History Recap - Hoboken411 Flashback: 2009

Top Hoboken411 Headlines in 2009

Hands down the two biggest stories in Hoboken in 2009, we had the incredible U.S. Airways Flight 1549 “splash landing” in the Hudson, as well as the mid-air collision between a plane and helicopter (which Hoboken411 broke – and as first to Tweet as well!)

Next on the list, for Hoboken at least – was the Cammarano Corruption bust, where our former Mayor took cash bribes in return for promises of favorable treatment for a developer. We also took an exclusive look into Cammarano’s personal life – with a child no one knew he had.

Not sure what was crazier – the Westboro Baptist Nutjobs coming to town, or our fragile collapsing Frank Sinatra Park!

Some notable new additions made headlines as well – with the W Hoboken as the Mile Square’s only hotel, Clearview Cinemas bringing the silver screen back to town, the NJ Transit Pedestrian bridge connecting the waterfront walkway to Jersey City. Bike lanes made this list, but really shouldn’t have – since there has been zero impact to the lives of residents.

The political firestorm that swept into Hoboken allowed the real fires to take a break – with only one relatively contained blaze at 1st & Willow.

Hoboken Car Accident 2009 - Hoboken411 Flashback: 2009

What year for Hoboken Politics in 2009!

Besides the obvious top story with Cammarano – many other side-acts kept political junkies occupied. Dawn Zimmer became Mayor and proceeded to lose millions of dollars in grant money, failed to follow through on the Property Revaluation (and many other misses on her long list of “pie in the sky” campaign promises).

The Board of Ed budget quietly swelled along with a new teachers contract and the Superintendent resigned but we now have a new Dual Language Charter School. We still have ongoing Fire Department Budget concerns – but promoted Anthony P. Falco to Police Chief.

You got to follow along with the big neighborhood controversy with the Hoboken Tax Collector and his Zoning Variance which residents questioned.

And to round out city politics in 2009, we started to see transportation issues & debacles get more attention. With unemployed Zimmer soccer-buddy Ian Sacs bringing his huge pile of inexperience to Hoboken, we enjoyed dealing with problems like continually lost parking tickets, intersection (lack of) safety, gobs of double parked cars, and missing speed bumps. Oddly enough, you’d think that for a city that promotes bicycling, green solutions and pedestrian safety – that they wouldn’t have shot down the Pedi-Cab Ordinance so quickly!

Life otherwise in Hoboken NJ back in 2009

Besides working, sleeping, eating out, and going about your merry business in Hoboken in 2009, some fairly significant events transpired.

There was talk about ending the St. Patrick’s Parade entirely – with many more residents beginning to become vocal about how our city is trashed each March. And speaking of booze, a Hoboken411 poll showed that nearly 80% of the residents don’t give a crap about bar specials – they go where they go no matter what. Makes you wonder why so many establishments waste so much of their time promoting them.

But we found solace in discussing our Top 5 Favorite Hoboken Restaurants – as well as great spots for a weekend brunch in Hoboken and the new Uptown Farmers Market that pleased many of us.

Other big entertainment news was the Macy’s Fireworks that returned to the Hudson in 2009 (Luckily no one was injured or killed before the road collapse on Sinatra Drive in 2010.)

Residents still gripe about the One Fare per ride Taxi rule that no cabby seems to follow, and some poor apartment owners cried how they were going broke with the steep Hoboken taxes – and others were ready to leave town as a result.

Cake Boss Line Hoboken NJ - Hoboken411 Flashback: 2009

Other Noteworthy Hoboken Happenings in 2009

  1. The Cake Boss essentially began by winning a Food Network Cake Challenge show – which proceeded to grace us with the ridiculously long lines at Carlo’s Bakery.
  2. We asked for a 7-Eleven – and by gosh, we got a 7-Eleven in Hoboken!
  3. Did you know Hoboken was a category on Jeopardy – not once but twice?
  4. Global Warming? We had the coldest June on record this year. Hmmph.
  5. The New York Yankees won the World Series (Yay!)
  6. Some notable losses included Arturo Gatti, John Hughes and Budd Schulberg. There was also a construction death uptown – and the World’s Oldest Man Tomoji Tanabe died at 113 years of age.
  7. The Neumann Leather building was saved, thanks to community members and 411 for spreading the word.
  8. We had a “battle of the businesses” where Ali the Lunch Truck had to fend off Rome Pizza (who eventually lost).
  9. And rounding out with some silly stuff – Artie Lange pled guilty for DUI, Oscar got a horrible haircut – and we can never forget about the annual sinkhole in Hoboken!

That’s it for today! To see what shops came and went, check out the Hoboken business year in review for 2009 here – and stay tuned for the next “Hoboken411 Flashback!”

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