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Thomas Foley is running for City Council and representing the Sixth Ward.

5/4/2007 Statement:

Tom just sent me this note for Sixth Ward residents:

hcc-foley.gifI again compliment Hoboken411 for serving as a forum to raise issues and concerns impacting our neighborhood. As the election is fast approaching, I want to ensure that the voters have full opportunity to address the matters most important to them and understand the position of each candidate.

Of course, the forum sponsored by The People for Open Government and the Quality of Life Coalition allowed the voters to hear the candidates’ respective positions. Also, I have had the opportunity to meet many voters. But, I recognize that many issues may not have been addressed.

I invite the voters in the Sixth Ward to visit with me over the next few days. On Saturday, I will be walking around the ward and, specifically, will be in the area of Church Square Park from 2 pm to 4 pm. On Sunday, I will be one block from the Art and Music festival (155 6th Street – on the corner of Bloomfield Street) from Noon to 5 pm. To the voters, please stop by to introduce yourself and discuss your concerns and thoughts. Alternatively, please post your questions on Hoboken411. I will review the questions and then post a comprehensive response on Monday.

As a reminder, you can visit the following site to determine your voting locations:

Also, please visit

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the residents of the Sixth Ward. Thank you for your consideration.

Tom Foley
Hoboken: It’s Our Neighborhood

See previous statements and video interview below.

4/27/2007 Video Interview:

Online Videos by

4/24/2007 Update:

Tom wants to let residents know about his website and an upcoming Meet & Greet TODAY from 5 to 7pm. Read his letter below.

hcc-foley.gifAs the council races continue, I am pleased with the response and interest of our residents. Through our cohesive community efforts and responsible leadership, we will create an even greater City.

As you are aware, it is vital that we elect a representative that is qualified and responsive. I invite you to visit to learn more about me and my candidacy.

I look forward to meeting more neighbors in the remaining weeks and learning what issues most concern our neighborhood. Also, please feel free to contact me to discuss your thoughts.

I also wish to invite everyone to meet me tomorrow, from 5pm to 7pm at 155 6th Street (on the corner of Bloomfield Street) to discuss the issues important in the upcoming election.

Thank you,

Tom Foley
Hoboken: It’s Our Neighborhood

See below for previous announcements.


Tom has an invitation for 6th ward residents.

“Fiscal Responsibility, Open Government, Thoughtful Development, & Quality of Life”
Please come meet Tom Foley on April 15th from 10:00am to 2:00pm at 155 Sixth Street

Enjoy bagels, donuts, coffee, light refreshments and the opportunity to discuss issues facing our neighborhood.

Click HERE for full sized PDF of the invitation.


Tom sent 411 this message today:

I compliment Hoboken411 for serving as a forum to raise issues and concerns impacting our neighborhood and, particularly, the Sixth Ward.

Addressing certain issues raised in the Sixth Ward discussion area, I want to provide a few thoughts and comments.

First, in connection with the traffic safety issues, I commend the emphasis placed on required “enforcement.” We must, in addition to traffic calming devices, implement measures to ensure that all traffic regulations are obeyed; we must coordinate with the police department to establish the monitoring of speed limits, yield requirements, and related moving violations. Additionally, we must explore supplementary options to increase pedestrian safety, such as reducing the speed limits on residential streets. Such reduction will also deter our residential streets from being used as alternative primary routes.

Second, with respect to the Elm tree in Church Square Park, I agree that its loss is frustrating. I took active interest in the safety issues encompassed in the Church Square Improvement Project (specifically spearheading the installation of the fencing in the playground area in order to limit the ingress and egress to the play area in response to certain concerns of parents) and directly experienced the inefficient communication among the City’s departments. It is essential that all departments and commissions, including the Shade Tree Commission, work in tandem when implementing improvement projects.

Third, turning to general voting questions and supplementing the information supplied by Hoboken411, you can visit the following site to determine your voting locations:

And, if you are not available to vote in person on May 8th, you can secure an absentee ballot through the County Clerk’s office:

Fourth, we note that the City Council’s agenda for this evening includes, among other issues, both the removal and deletion of certain handicap parking assignments:

Echoing my initial comment, the discussion areas established for the upcoming elections evidence the City Council’s dire need to create an open forum in order to embrace the ideas and concerns of all residents. And, equally important, we must tap the resources of our residents to continue to improve our neighborhood.

Thank you,
Tom Foley
Hoboken: It’s Our Neighborhood

This was sent to 411 on Saturday March 17th:

“As you may know, I am running for the Sixth Ward Council position and I welcome the opportunity to correspond with your readers and address any inquiries that may be presented.

I note that in “Calling all Candidates,” you suggest that it is time for the Hoboken political process to enter the 21st Century and I could not agree more. Indeed, not only should the political process make it into the 21st Century, but the City Government should as well.

Thank you for the chance to discuss the City’s issues with your readers.

Thomas Foley
Foley For Council
Sixth Ward
Hoboken: It’s Our Neighborhood”

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Sunday, March 18, 2007 9:56 pm

I’ll second hobokenmom, and will say Tom has people’s best interests in mind, whether it is his clients or Hoboken’s citizens. He is never one to keep quiet if he disagrees, and has very articulate, thought out responses/ideas. I wish I lived in his ward to give him my vote.

I cannot speak highly enough.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 8:22 pm

Tom is a great guy. I don’t think I know anyone who is more committed to his wife, his kids and his career. He’s a very serious guy who gives 100% every minute of his day.