Fifth Ward – Michael T. Cricco

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Michael T. Cricco is was running for City Council again representing the Fifth Ward.

3/31/2007 Update:

Found out about this yesterday, but Mr. Cricco didn’t respond to my email asking for confirmation called me back today “neither confirming nor denying” what was printed in the Reporter. He went on to say that he’s still “technically” in the race until he submits his letter to the City Clerk, and didn’t indicate yet who he’d support specifically.

Here’s what the Reporter had to say today:

Councilman Cricco bows out

Fifth Ward Councilman Michael Cricco, who has served as a councilman for 12 years, said Friday that he is not seeking re-election this May.

He is not sure yet whom he will endorse.

“It’s time for me to enjoy life,” Cricco said Friday. “Being on the council is really a full-time job.”

Cricco spent much time keeping constituents informed of local goings-on by being one of the first local politicians to have an e-mail listserve.

Cricco said that he is proud of several achievements while he has been on the council, including the Northwest Redevelopment plan in his ward. He was a proponent of that plan for some time, and says he is pleased with the affordable housing component in it.

“The city had an $18 million structural deficit when I started,” he added. “Next year, there won’t be one. We saved the hospital, built the waterfront.”

He said, “The thing I’m proudest of is the involvement of my constituents. I always kept their hearts in mind. I feel good about that.”

Cricco said it was important to him to vote with his conscience.

“The nicest thing that happened was when I was called a ‘wildcard’ by Tom Jennemann [in the Hoboken Reporter],” he said. “He saw me as an independent representative of my constituents.”

Cricco said he will remain involved in town politics.

“It has been an honor to serve my constituents,” he said. “I’m overjoyed that I have two daughters who have been very supportive.” – Caren Lissner