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Peter “Perry” Belfiore is running for City Council and representing the Fifth Ward.

4/24/2007 Video Update:

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3/22/2007 Update:

Perry writes:

Dear Friends,

I am formally announcing my candidacy for Fifth Ward Council, and inviting you to attend my campaign kick-off. (At my home, 161 11th Street, on Saturday March 31st, starting at 2 PM.)

In 30 years of public advocacy I have learned that it’s not what one says, or who one knows, but what one does that matters. Here is what I’ve done:

In the 80’s, I was elected to the Board of Education (then on the brink of state takeover). It was a time of radical, even desperate, change. We dealt with declining enrollment by consolidating schools. Anyone who has faced such a situation knows what it is to render difficult, and often unpopular, decisions for the greater good. These tough choices reduced costs and improved curriculum. We avoided takeover then, and the years since have seen great strides. My interest in education later led to my appointment to Mayor Roberts’ Joint Task Force on Education.

For several years, I have served as a commissioner of the Hoboken Housing Authority. Again, I entered a situation in need of tough decisions. Upon my appointment, I proceeded to examine procurement procedures and existing contracts. Questionable dealings were uncovered, millions in over-expenditures exposed, and the Executive Director was replaced. But although the HHA has dramatically improved, my aggressive defense of the agency’s tenants ruffled feathers, resulting in HUD’s refusal to certify my reappointment. Our current Mayor disparaged me as a disruptive influence, true to form for a man who fired the city’s comptroller for bringing him unpleasant (but accurate) budget news.

Friends, you and I are not represented in City Hall. When your Councilperson refuses to demand answers to the questions you hear in our neighborhoods every day, your representatives are not YOUR representatives.

The ‘disruptive influences’ our mayor despises are much in the local news today. They are being punished for spotlighting our government’s failings, at a time when more, not less, boat-rocking is needed.

My experience with government has taught me the personal price one often pays for confronting problems. Still, nothing short of this price will produce the government we ought to have.

Many of your neighbors agree. Stop by my kickoff party and meet them.


Perry Belfiore

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