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Frank Raia is running for City Council and representing the Third Ward.

4/26/2007 Press Release:

Statement from Frank Raia and Ron Rosenberg

The financial reports Michael Russo and his cousin Theresa Castellano are referring to were filed before the campaign had expenditures. If the Russos had read the date of the reports, they could have answered their own questions. Instead they stage a press event. How curious.

Our reports have been filed completely on time. We have followed the letter and spirit of the ELEC laws, unlike Russo and Castellano who are distributing literature with no “Paid For” lines. Meanwhile, they toss baseless accusations.

If the Russos want to talk about adhering to the law, how about something a judge has actually ruled on? Why doesn’t their relative pay the $350,000 restitution he owes the taxpayers of this city? On the City Council, Theresa Castellano voted for every fraudulent invoice Gerard Lisa submitted to the city. Lisa paid bribes to her cousin, Mayor Anthony Russo, who is now in a federal prison. The courts have ordered Russo to reimburse Hoboken taxpayers for almost $350,000. That debt is still outstanding.

For the Russos to attack our integrity — or anyone else’s for that matter — is ridiculous. These people have no integrity — or shame.

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4/12/2007 Video Interview:

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