Third Ward – Joanne Perkins

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Joanne Perkins is running for City Council and representing the Third Ward. *** Dropped Out ***

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Dear Neighbors, Today I am announcing my candidacy for the Third Ward Hoboken City Council seat. As a 38 year old wife and mother, I would like to see our wonderful city move forward and prosper. I want our children to have a safer and greener place to grow up in. I would also hope that they would be able to afford to remain in our city as adults and I would work hard to help make this happen. My son Dominick is a sophomore at Hoboken High School, my daughter Samantha is a 7th grader at Hoboken Catholic Academy and my youngest son Todd Jr. is a 3rd grader at Wallace. All of them have been involved in many sports programs throughout the city. My husband Todd donates much of his time to be part of a great recreational coaching staff. He does this to teach the children how to win with pride and lose with dignity. The Hoboken Little League program we have is second to none. The volunteers we have spend countless hours to make sure that each and every child has the opportunity to play baseball in a safe environment. Our field is one of the best in the state. We certainly need another field. As a member of the Wallace Parent Team, I have spent hours helping to raise money for the benefit of our children. The parents are a special bunch of men and women who dedicate their time to give our children all… Read more »