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Elizabeth Mason is running for City Council and representing the Second Ward.


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Beth writes:

Dear Editor:

beth mason - Second Ward - Elizabeth MasonMy name is Beth Mason. I am running for the open City Council seat in the Second Ward. For many years, I have been fighting tirelessly for Second Ward residents. Let me tell you what I have done, and what I plan to do if elected.

  1. Sustainable development. Preserving diversity is critical to keeping Hoboken the special place it is. As a founding member of the Historic Hudson Street Coalition, I fought hard against projects on Hudson Street and Castle Point Terrace that would overwhelm the neighborhood. I also supported the renovation of the Hudson Tea Building as an example of converting existing industrial space to residential use. With too much large-scale, luxury housing, the character of our town will be changed forever, and the people who make Hoboken work — the schoolteachers, the nurses, the firefighters and other City workers — will no longer be able to afford to live here. Without careful planning and implementation, development will overwhelm our infrastructure, including parks, parking, schools, police and fire services.
  2. Open Government. As a founding member of People for Open Government, and the President of NJ Foundation for Open Government, I have fought hard to strengthen and enforce New Jersey’s open government laws. I have spent my time and money to force City Hall, the Board of Education, and the Hospital Authority to stop holding secret meetings and to open their records so that everyone can see how our tax dollars are being spent. As a result of my efforts, several city agencies have admitted violating state law; residents now pay reasonable prices for access to essential public records and have information about closed sessions where decisions affecting taxpayers have been made. I provided the public access to meetings by videotaping Council and School Board meetings which are available on my new website Democracy dies behind closed doors. With open government, we encourage everyone to be part of the decisions affecting our community and keep Hoboken vital and dynamic.
  3. Good Management. Hoboken is a great city, but we do not yet have the great government everyone deserves. We need more transparency, better control over budgets, and commitment to preserving our quality of life. Taxpayers and City Employees should not be forced to live through annual budget battles caused by the failure of our government to properly plan for the future or to fully fund pensions. I have decades of experience in the corporate world that will be helpful in working to make Hoboken better for all of us.

In the coming weeks, you will hear more from me about these and other issues, and I want to hear from you. For now I want my friends and neighbors in the Second Ward to know that I have fought hard for you. I ask for your vote so I may continue fighting to serve you as your representative.

Elizabeth “Beth” Mason
Candidate, Second Ward City Council

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