Hoboken411 Flashback: 2008

[Reminiscing Hoboken411’s Five Year Anniversary…]

Autopilot Hoboken411 in 2008

Looking back at the state of Hoboken back in 2008 here on 411 – it was a lot of “rinse and repeat” action in town. The usual events, business changes, feasts & festivals, crimes, fires and pets in need. 2008 also had an unusual number of water main breaks and struck pedestrians. Like every other week it seemed.

And of course we had the Presidential election, complete with conspiracy theories and books.

So let’s see what the top news, government, life and other stories were in Hoboken during 2008!

Hoboken411 Flashback to 2008 in Hoboken NJ History Recap

Top news stories covered by Hoboken411 in 2008

Major fires also dominated the news back in ’08. With two major Applied fires at 1203 Washington St. (which claimed the life of Seth Dembowitz) and 1202 Hudson St. later in the year. McSwiggan’s also burnt to a crisp in quite the efficient manner.

Besides those fires – we had a fatal accident on the 14th St. Viaduct – which claimed the lives of several people and still remains controversial to this day – as well as that drunk and out of control Ferrari driver who smashed everything in his path.

Another big story was the video of a NYC Cop shoving a Hoboken resident off his bicycle. He was later fired.

Sinatra Park inaugurated it’s string of bad news when a lead contamination was discovered on the field, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace. In retrospect, what a waste!

The Lackawanna Clock Tower opened up with much fanfare – and we endured Tropical Storm Hannah later in the summer – which ended up flooding the Mile Square as expected (see Hoboken flooding map here.) And for some reason the MS13 Gang conspiracy made it on to 411…

And in sad news – the world lost George Carlin, Bobby Murcer, Tony Snow – and Shea Stadium.

Hoboken NJ Sinatra Park Soccer field before lead contamination and collapse

Hoboken Government News in ’08

If you don’t have a Municipal Election in Hoboken, you can definitely fill the void with debacles, budgetary issues and overall incompetence.

Besides the close to $60M Board of Education budget, we also suffered through City Budget headaches, and State intervention. As a result – residents experienced “Tax Bill Shock” (and then shared their enormous increases with other readers), and of course the Property Tax Revolt Rally in front of City Hall. With tax bills remaining the same (or even higher) you ever wonder why there are no more rallies downtown?

Having concerns with HUMC Hospital these days? The warning signs were there years ago – with fraudulent data manipulation, trickery with OPRA requests and transparency – all while they had plenty of cash to pay for glossy full page magazine ads boasting about how great they are. Sickening, really.

NJ Transit unveiled their grand plan for the southern edge of Hoboken (my guess is that on the 10 year anniversary we’ll still be talking about it.)

Transportation in town was no walk in the park – with taxi fares increasing, continuing issues over at the Robotic Garage, and more hidden taxes coming in the form of Hoboken Parking Permit increases, and the new HPU Money Van that makes pickpocketing from drivers more efficient.

How was life in Hoboken back in 2008?

Well for starters, 2008 was known for the great big debate about what time bars should be allowed to open on St. Patty’s Parade Day. Our problems are even worse now!

Perpetual issues with residents included the prevalent potholes around the city as well as noise complaints from Lounge 11 bar.

We also talked about the economy many times over – focusing on Rising Food Prices, what store closings we could expect, stock market volatility, and I added some information about buying gold. Did you know that if you invested in gold at the end of 2008 – you would have more than doubled your money in just 30 months? Not bad!

Residents around the city seemed to have many issues with Cablevision service – leading to much talk about Verizon FiOS (including Hoboken411’s happy FiOS review).

2008 was also the year we saw the re-located ferry slip uptown, the world’s largest free-flying U.S. Flag, and one of the earlier lunch trucks, being “Queen Bean” (coffee and pastries – which I believe no longer comes to town)

Gold prices were low in 2008

What else was notable in Hoboken in 2008?

To wrap up the Hoboken411 2008 Flashback, here are some other notable mile square happenings:

That’s it for today! To see what shops came and went, check out the Hoboken business year in review for 2008 here – and stay tuned for the next “Hoboken411 Flashback!”

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