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Ron Rosenberg is running for City Council and representing the First Ward.


Final message from the Rosenberg team.

Dear First Ward Voters,

I would like to express my gratitude to all my fellow First-Ward residents who have allowed me to introduce myself and engage in discussions of hopes and concerns for our neighborhood and for our city. I am pleased that so many of you have pledged your support for my campaign and sincerely hope that, whatever the outcome of Tuesday’s election, we will continue our dialogues and continue to work together for the betterment of Hoboken. I hope that you will all continue to stay informed of local issues and events and that you will get involved in local matters as much as your time will allow.

I strongly urge each and every one of you to participate in Tuesday’s election and humbly request that you cast your vote for me. It has been a pleasure to run for office, and will be a pleasure to serve as your Councilperson.

Ron Rosenberg

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4/26/2007 Press Release:

Statement from Frank Raia and Ron Rosenberg

The financial reports Michael Russo and his cousin Theresa Castellano are referring to were filed before the campaign had expenditures. If the Russos had read the date of the reports, they could have answered their own questions. Instead they stage a press event. How curious.

Our reports have been filed completely on time. We have followed the letter and spirit of the ELEC laws, unlike Russo and Castellano who are distributing literature with no “Paid For” lines. Meanwhile, they toss baseless accusations.

If the Russos want to talk about adhering to the law, how about something a judge has actually ruled on? Why doesn’t their relative pay the $350,000 restitution he owes the taxpayers of this city? On the City Council, Theresa Castellano voted for every fraudulent invoice Gerard Lisa submitted to the city. Lisa paid bribes to her cousin, Mayor Anthony Russo, who is now in a federal prison. The courts have ordered Russo to reimburse Hoboken taxpayers for almost $350,000. That debt is still outstanding.

For the Russos to attack our integrity — or anyone else’s for that matter — is ridiculous. These people have no integrity — or shame.

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4/20/2007 Update:

More from Ron Rosenberg:

ronr.jpgFirst Ward voters have a clear choice on May 8th. My motives for serving are very different from my opponent’s. Though we agree that honesty and efficiency are key tenets of government, what we have done about it is very different.

I played a principal role in enacting pay-to-play legislations in both the municipal and school district arenas, while she only claims to have “supported” these efforts. I rallied against the corrupt and oppressive Russo administration, whereas she was a loyal participant and supporter. I successfully managed a million-dollar synagogue expansion on budget. She voted for every fraudulent invoice Gerard Lisa submitted to the city. I want Russo to pay Hoboken the restitution ordered by a federal judge, while she has yet to speak on this issue. Hoboken will benefit when the interests of all its citizens are held more important than the interests of few. It’s time for change.

One of my core values is that government exists to ensure the safety of its citizens. In the First Ward this means pedestrian and vehicular safety. It seems that cars park dangerously close to corners and in pedestrian crossings because we don’t have enough affordable parking solutions. I will advocate that reasonable parking regulations be enforced, with a significant portion of enforcement-generated money dedicated to creating more affordable parking.

Government needs to be more accessible. I will endeavor to more fully allow citizens to interact with the City online, not in line. I will work to create fast-track procedures for our residents when working with, say, the construction and zoning offices.

I am concerned by our increasing debt and advocate a five-year budgeting cycle so that we can anticipate fiscal problems years before they become nightmares.

Development along Observer Highway is an important issue and will become even more so. Our current planning process is flawed because projects are considered individually. I will look at how Observer Highway projects, including NJ Transit, Neumann Leather, and the Southwest Redevelopment Zone, cumulatively impact traffic, quality of life, and the environment, both locally and for all neighborhoods citywide.

4/9/2007 TV interview:

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Ron writes:

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for First Ward Councilman. I am running because we need to break with the politics of the past and create a responsive and responsible city government for all. I am concerned by our city’s lack of fiscal restraints and growing debt obligations. Proposed development projects on Hoboken’s southern border concern me greatly because of their potential density and traffic implications. Quality of life issues, particularly pedestrian safety, as well as accessible and open government are high on my agenda.

I have lived in the First Ward for more than a quarter of a century and have been active in local issues for much of that period. For over a decade I served as a Trustee, Treasurer, and President of Hoboken’s century-old Synagogue. In that period, I navigated it out of serious financial challenges, guided its substantial membership growth, and managed its million dollar building expansion, which was brought in on time and on budget. I also presided over the creation of its highly successful Kaplan Pre-School.

I am a founding member of People for Open Government for which I served as Treasurer during our successful 2004 referendum to limit Pay-To-Play in the municipal arena. As a member of the Hoboken Board of Education I successfully co-sponsored Pay-To-Play legislation in the district which, to the best of my knowledge, was the first such legislation to be adopted by a school district in our State.

I was born in Israel and am a combat veteran of the Israeli Air Force. I am a graduate of NYU and hold an MBA in Finance and Strategic Planning, as well as a BA in Economics and Management. I’ve worked for a Fortune 200 company and startup ventures, and currently run my own company which re-sales computer components to retail outlets.

As this campaign evolves I hope you will give me an opportunity to share my views with you and to engage in a discussion of Hoboken’s future. Hoboken belongs to us all, seniors and kids, new and old, tenants and owners. If you share my vision of responsibility, openness, and inclusion, please support my candidacy. Together we can!

Ron Rosenberg
Candidate, First Ward City Council