Sixth Ward Race

6/13/2007 Recap:

Giacchi Keeps His Seat in 6

Sixth ward incumbent Angelo “Nino” Giacchi defeated former Zoning Board member Tom Foley by 117 votes – the widest margin of the day. The final tally is 441 for Giacchi and 324 for Foley. Giacchi received 139 more votes in the runoff, while Foley added 84 to his first vote total. Giacchi took the lion’s share of the votes left behind by failed challenger Billy Noonan, who missed the runoff by fewer than 10 votes.

Giacchi had a lackluster May 8th performance as part of the “Voice For All Hoboken” marketing effort, which seemed to be more of a gimmick to promote Ruben Ramos and Peter Cammarano than an actual effort to get candidates elected to City Council. After barely getting over 300 votes in the first ballot, Giacchi changed campaign managers for the runoff, which led to increased street presence and voter interactivity. Nearly the same number of voters came to the polls Tuesday as did on May 8th in the sixth ward, known for it’s quiet neighborhoods and quieter campaigns.

See the previous updates below.

News or press releases regarding each candidate can be seen on their respective pages.

Thomas Foley
Angelo “Nino” Giacchi (I)
William Noonan (didn’t make runoff)

6/12/2007 Update:

Tom Foley had emailed me his record of his Zoning Board activity. He attached this PDF for readers to peruse.

6/11/2007 Update:


Polling place in Tuesdays election switched

An 11th-hour switcheroo in the polling place for some voters in the Sixth Ward could be confusing during Tuesday’s run-off election, both candidates agreed today.

Voters in the ward’s fourth district were notified last week that they will be voting at the 5 Church Towers — on Willow Avenue between Fifth and Sixth streets — instead of at A.J. Demarest School, 401 Garden St., where they have voted in the last three elections.

Voters in this district traditionally voted at Calabaro School, 310 Jefferson St., but it is undergoing renovations, so they went to Demarest for the last three elections: The April 17 school board vote, the May 8 regular municipal election and the June 5 primary.

Voters were informed of the change when sample ballots were mailed out last week, said Thomas Foley, who is running against the incumbent, Councilman Angelo “Nino” Giacchi.

Foley filed a lawsuit in state Superior Court in Jersey City seeking to block the change but Judge Maurice Gallipoli ruled on Friday that it was too late to switch it back, Foley said.

“Regardless on the impact on the election, it certainly seems that it will create voter confusion without justification,” Foley said yesterday.

Giacchi said he does not think the change will make much difference but worries that some voters going to the wrong polling place may give up before casting their vote.

“I think it is a concern for both candidates,” Giacchi said. “When I heard, I knew I had to put a plan in place to spread the word.”

Neither the city nor county clerks could not be reached for comment today but Hudson County Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons, D-Hoboken, said the polling place had been changed because the Board of Elections received a number of complaints that Demarest was too far for them to travel.

He said that signs should be posted at both schools telling voters where to go.

The fourth district is a stronghold for Giacchi, who received twice as many votes there than any other district.

Giacchi beat Foley by 62 votes in the May 8 contest.

Charles Hack

Read more about the original election, plus some wacky signs all over town below…

5/31/2007 Update:

Several readers sent in pictures of Nino Giacchi’s campaign signs up on some bus stops in town. Whether it’s “Bad Nino” or “Nino-gate”, does anyone know what the real deal is?

I have a feeling that if it were Zimmer or Foley, the city’s “authorities” would have them take down immediately. However, I’m wondering if the city ordinance covers these New Jersey Transit bus shelters. Are they “exempt” from this “law” (ordinance § 168-23), and just removed by NJ Transit Police?

giacchi sign hoboken - Sixth Ward Race


I believe these are the final results:

Noonan –
Giacchi – 302
Foley – 242

Run-off is June 12th between Foley and Giacchi.

Ward Map. Get full sized original HERE.

hobokenwards 6th - Sixth Ward Race

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Tama Murden

Re 177. Danzig (I’m trailing you in various threads, fella or gal, whatever your gender!):

Yes, Tom made a stellar showing for an election newcomer, challenging an incumbent. He ran a clean, independent campaign. That, in & of itself, is so very refreshing!

And while some folks have challenged his independence, around his ZBA record, I might suggest you review that. He’s compiled it for anyone who’s interested. Email him & he can send it. And he’ll respond to questions.

I, too, suspect (& expect) that Tom will not be going away. I’d imagine we’ll see him at Council Mtgs. & relevant ZBA/Planning Bd. Mtgs.

I believe he truly cares about Hoboken, much beyond the 6th Ward, even if some folks may have issues about some of his positions.

So, engage him in dialogue, please! I believe he’ll respond promptly & honestly. And he welcomes that, in my experience! He’s the one candidate, out of the 3 in Ward 6, that consistently followed up w/me, when I wanted to discuss candidacy & issues-positions. That speaks volumes to me, about constituency-responsiveness!

We do well to have more independent voices in town, whether on the Council daias (sp.?) or in the “bleachers,” monitoring the current Councilpeople’s voting.

I hope Tom will remain as a visible, thoughtful presence.


Three Cheers for Mr. Foley!

Methinks we have not seen the last of him.

An upfront, engaging campaign with none of the muck and mire from the back of town. Fell short, but I didn’t see anybody else coming on 411 and setting the record straight as often as Foley did.


Email from Tom to his supporters:

Thank you for supporting my campaign for Sixth Ward Council. In a short three month window, we successfully introduced my candidacy and surprised many by making it to the run-off election. And, we created a very real challenge for the incumbent.

More importantly, we sparked the interest of many residents to be more actively involved in the issues concerning Our Neighborhood. We must continue to spark interest. With the positive wave and great support from the campaign, I want to make sure we continue this momentum – the 2009 Mayoral election and council-at-large election is only two years away!

I invite you to join “Foley for Hoboken” as we focus on developing a true, independent government, free from the influences outside Hoboken. I strongly believe that the energy and creativity that I saw from our neighbors over the last three months can erase the politics as usual.

Please email me if you would like to remain involved.

Once again, thank you for your support. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Best regards,

Tama Murden

Re 172. gman: Soon after 5/8, Noonan endorsed Giacchi in a Reporter Letter to the Editor. My recollection is that letter contained no substantive/issues-driven reasons for the endorsement. It was related to me that when Noonan was questioned as to what informed his endorsement of Giacchi, esp. given that he’d campaigned as an independent, just like his Letter to the Editor, he could offer nothing substantive & actually seemed somewhat defensive. He did reportedly reveal that he was hoping to get a Board appointment, but could not specify which one. Another so-called independent co-opted, it would seem. And I do hope the alleged voter fraud in the 6th Ward (& 4th & 5th), will be fully investigated. I’d like to believe this election-business-as-usual tactic is not part of Giacchi’s repertoire, but may have been orchestrated by other factions w/a vested interest in ensuring Giacchi’s re-election.


[quote comment=”30457″]I think it may be time to invite federal authorities into this town[/quote]
I think that’s a great idea.
I used to have to go to the Javits center in NYc in the late 1980’s when the teamsters and the Iatse local were there.
talk about corruption!
they had to bring the feds in and boot the unions out except for the ibew.
85% of the union guys were ex cons and ghosting shifts.
plus the bribery.. holy crap!
I feel like it’s still 1988 in Hoboken…