Hoboken411 Flashback: 2007

[Reminiscing Hoboken411’s Five Year Anniversary…]

Massive growth for Hoboken411 in 2007

2007 was the year my free time started dwindling rapidly. At one point the previous year, I was fearful that you could actually run out of content – boy was I mistaken. It got to the point where you had too much content that came at a break-neck pace.

I’ve broken the 2007 Hoboken Flashback into: “Government,” “Life in Hoboken,” and “Remember this?”

Hoboken411 Flashback to 2007 in Hoboken NJ History Recap - Hoboken411 Flashback: 2007

Hoboken political and government topics in 2007:

2007 was nuts in Hoboken because we had our Ward Elections. Did you know that Hoboken411 actually designed websites for Dawn Zimmer, Peter Cunningham and Kids First that year? I actually had time to be a web-developer too back then.

But other nutty things happened too – like how the current administration was clamoring for easier OPRA access (my how that has quickly been reversed!), St. Mary’s Hospital became HUMC, and talk of Property Revaluation began (when will that happen?)

Hoboken411 also broke the story about Chris Campos and his DUI incident in Manhattan, told you about the start of “Zero Tolerance” during St. Patty’s Parades, as well as the KKK SWAT Cops down in Louisiana!

Big talk about the West Side Re-Development Zone and potential parks & community pools (we’re still stuck in the mud there), the cable access channel showing city council videos began, and complaints about the Hoboken Construction Code Office surfaced.

Also – did you know that the very first talk about Bike Lanes in Hoboken came from a Hoboken411 reader?

Senator Bernie Kenny nearly got killed when struck by a car, and 411 started documenting city vehicles that were improperly parked.

Lastly – and I still believe this today: Hoboken does NOT ever want to solve parking problems in town. It would take MILLIONS away from city coffers. Read that editorial here.

Hoboken Life in 2007 – what were the issues?

To me personally – the biggest thing that happened in 2007 was the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar coming to town! That made me a pet-conscious resident, and got me out of the house every single day!

Other top issues were the start of the Housing Market Bubble Collapse, the increasing complaints of too much noise in Hoboken, and how outrageous rent increases at the Archstone Building ticked residents off.

Residents also shared common complaints against too much dog poop on the sidewalks, the nasty astroturf at Church Square Park, and downtown Taxi Stand Etiquette.

Some folks griped about local businesses, like the stinking garbage and Garden of Eden (411 was instrumental in rectifying that), and poor management over at the Sky Club Fitness Center (still having issues to this day.) But we found relief when we discovered a Trader Joe’s opening in Edgewater(as well as finding great park space outside of Hoboken!)

And the year wouldn’t be complete in Hoboken if we didn’t have St. Patty’s Day issues (the first year of the NJ Smoking Ban), or a sinkhole didn’t make news (swallowing a car this time).

The one and only Hoboken411 Party took place during the holidays of 2007! Maybe with a little help – I can organize another one in the future?

Bloomfield Street Fireworks in Hoboken January 1 2007 - Hoboken411 Flashback: 2007

Remember these Hoboken stories in 2007?

Some other noteworthy Hoboken411 stories you might remember from 2007:

  1. Remember the Hoboken Mounted Police?
  2. What about the big four alarm fire & nor’easter? That was nuts!
  3. Or the time the whole city had no water when the 36″ main broke in Jersey City?
  4. How about Randy’s dog Foxie – that was killed by a Hoboken city vehicle!
  5. The very last time the spectacular Bloomfield St. New Year’s Eve Fireworks took place?
  6. We had a semi-celebrity Mischa Barton living in Hoboken for a few months.
  7. Talk about developing on the infamous Mercury Lothaven’t heard much of that lately…
  8. PATH Train Teddy became famous on Hoboken411…
  9. And the big gambling ring bust?

That’s it for now! To see what shops came and went, check out the Hoboken business year in review for 2007 here – and stay tuned for the next “Hoboken411 Flashback!”

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