Second Ward Race

Discuss anything generally related to the Second Ward and the upcoming May 8th, 2007 election here.

News or press releases regarding each candidate can be seen on their respective pages.

Elizabeth Mason
Louis Picardo *** Dropped Out ***
Richard Tremitiedi

3/29/2007: Updated Ward Map. Get full sized original HERE.

hobokenwards 2nd - Second Ward Race

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The final poll is in your hands…don’t let other people make decisions for you!


411, what were the final results of your election poll? I wonder how it will compare to the actual results.


[quote comment=”25259″]RE 11th/Hudson intersection: This morning there was no backup at all. I actually missed a green, and was annoyed that I would have to wait several minutes for it to cycle back. Within a short time, the light turned green again. Something changed.[/quote]

yeh, I already posted this on Sunday:

“I saw someone from the Traffic and Signals Division adjusting the timing today. I hope it helps.”

I guess it did. 🙂



Interesting theory, Red Haven.

Thing is, a trick like that would require some proper planning and a bit of intelligence, and I’m not entirely certain Tremidirti’s campaign boozers (yes, I spelled that correctly) are capable of pulling it off.

Red Haven
Red Haven

There have been problems with the firehouse polling stations in the past, but it is not the Fire Department’s fault. With newcomer voters on line to vote the machines have mysteriously “stopped working”, with several voters walking away rather than waiting to fill out time consuming paper ballots. It is a cramped location, but if you get there early you should be in and out quickly.

With all the new construction of high rise condos on the riverfront the firehouse can get overwhelmed by voters coming home form work late in the day. This is by design because the last thing Retread Tremidirti and the thugs who back him want is a big turout of new voters.

If you vote at the Firehouse, please vote EARLY before you go to work. Polls open at 6am!