Former Public Safety Director Sues Zimmer

Angel Alicea sues Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer – discrimination & more

As anticipated, former Public Safety Director Angel Alicea rolled out a lawsuit against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the City of Hoboken today.

If you’re one of the people wondering why Zimmer kicked out all the “old school” and ethnic employees out, and hired only white men – then this story is for you.

Click to read the formal complaint.

Angel Alicea Sues city of Hoboken NJ and mayor Dawn Zimmer - Former Public Safety Director Sues Zimmer

Alicea leaves City Hall, and Zimmer keeps spinning

4/11/2011 Update:

Angel Alicea Resigns in Hoboken NJ Dawn Zimmer Michael Lenz - Former Public Safety Director Sues Zimmer

In her announcement of the “resignation” of Hoboken Public Safety Director Angel Alicea Friday night, Mayor Dawn Zimmer attempted to leave the public with the false impression she had no knowledge of the reports Alicea had meetings with FBI informant Solomon Dwek, who was sent around Hudson County to try and bribe dozens of public officials and behind-the-scenes political players:

Yesterday (Thursday), Public Safety Director Angel Alicea advised me that he had attended two meetings with Solomon Dwek, the confidential informant in Operation Bid Rig…. He and I mutually agreed today that in light of Hoboken’s recent history and the fact that he had failed to disclose this information either publicly or to me, he could no longer serve effectively in his position as Public Safety Director. He therefore submitted and I have accepted his resignation.

– Dawn Zimmer

Who knew Angel Alicea had meetings with Solomon Dwek? It was a known fact in City Hall. In fact, it was reported in the Jersey Journal on September 19, 2009.

Alicea was mentioned in a story about former Hudson County Board of Elections Investigator Dennis Jaslow, who pled guilty to charges he took corrupt payments to introduce Dwek to public officials and candidates:

Jaslow admitted receiving $15,500 from Solomon Dwek, who was posing as a developer as part of a government sting. He said he received $8,000 for introducing Dwek to Jersey City Health Officer Joseph Castagna, to Jersey City arson investigator Michael Manzo, who was an unsuccessful City Council candidate, and to a candidate for public office who wasn’t named during the hearing but who sources say is Angel Alicea, an unsuccessful candidate for the Hoboken City Council who was later appointed the city’s public safety director. Reached by phone yesterday afternoon, Alicea said he knew nothing about the allegations and couldn’t talk further because of a situation in Hoboken in which a man accused of brandishing a gun was found to have a cache of weapons in his home.

– JJ, 9/19/2009

At the time of that report Alicea was Public Safety Director in Dawn Zimmer’s administration. Did she not see the story and ask Alicea about it then, or did she choose to ignore it because he was willing to work for her in the November Special Election she was running in? Most City Hall watchers believe it was the latter.

Alicea called out for having “The FBI in his Kitchen”

Last October Dawn Zimmer was at the Jubilee Center the night Lenz and Tim Occhipinti debated the issues. When Lenz repeatedly tried to tag associations to Cammarano on Occhipinti, the young challenger dropped this bomb:

Lenz never responded to the statement that he was campaigning with the person “who had the FBI in his kitchen” the morning Cammarano was arrested. PolitickerNJ later identified that person as Alicea, who was also standing right behind Cammarano at City Hall when he read his statement declaring his innocence and refusal to resign.

Angel Alicea stands by Peter Cammarano as he claims innocence - Former Public Safety Director Sues Zimmer

Zimmer fires all Cammarano hires, except Alicea

While Zimmer quickly dispatched most of Cammarano’s Directors, she kept Alicea on board in a position she said wasn’t necessary when she first ran for the job. Why? Politics, of course, as Hoboken411 has told you before. This was a political move designed to secure his support in the 4th ward election. Alicea was a longtime HHA board member who Lenz knew could be useful at election time. He got to keep his job because he agreed to flip to Zimmer’s side politically. Alicea was a longtime Hoboken Housing Authority Commissioner who had many allies in the 4th ward that Zimmer and Michael Lenz wanted working for them at election time. Zimmer knew what she was getting into with Alicea, and she did it anyway for political gain.

This week’s Council meeting was the last straw

The release of the video of Councilman Michael Russo’s meeting with Dwek set off a chain reaction that made Alicea’s continued employment by Zimmer impossible.

For the first time the rumors and reports of Alicea’s activities with Dwek could not be overlooked, as a resolution by the City Council calling on ALL tapes of Hoboken political figures targeted in the FBI sting to be released, including those specifically of Alicea. The Public Safety Director was even called up to the microphone to account for his activities before Zimmer’s Corporation Council stopped him from answering questions about his involvement. Zimmer’s allies including Councilwoman Carol Marsh – who ran for state Assembly on HCDO money raised by some of Dwek’s convicted fundraising targets – tried to refocus the conversation onto Russo in an attempt to stop a resolution calling for all the tapes. Zimmer is now joining the council majority’s call for all tapes to be released.

And what will those tapes of Alicea show?

According to Hoboken411 sources, Alicea had at least two meetings with Dwek, one of which ended in a bizarre Benny Hill-style moment that was caught on tape. Sources say Alicea has told people the last time he met him, Dwek tried to hand Alicea a FedEx envelope that held a campaign contribution. Alicea apparently caught on to the fact that something was wrong, and as a career police officer may have also spotted an FBI surveillance vehicle. Dwek repeatedly tried to hand Alicea the envelope and Alicea kept giving it back, in plain sight of the cameras. This is the tape that Alicea may have been shown in his kitchen by the FBI the morning Cammarano was arrested.

Many people in Hoboken knew about Alicea’s meetings with Dwek. Some learned about it shortly after Cammarano’s arrest, while others saw his named mentioned in the September, 2009 newspaper report. In November 2010 many more people learned Alicea had the FBI in his kitchen from Hoboken411.


Angel Alicea resigns as Hoboken Public Safety Director


Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s Public Safety Director Angel Alicea has resigned following calls at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting for him to come clean with details of his involvement with FBI Informant Solomon Dwek.

For nearly two years there have been rumors and news reports mentioning Alicea’s name in regard to Operation Bid Rig, but Zimmer is claiming she knew nothing of Alicea’s involvement until last night. Zimmer announced the resignation on a Friday night hoping it would be buried ahead of the weekend. More details to come on this breaking news.

There’s much more to the story than the spin-filled press release from City Hall would have you believe.

Angel Alicea Resigns Hoboken NJ Dawn Zimmer Solomon Dwek - Former Public Safety Director Sues Zimmer

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014 5:25 pm

He got a pretty nice settlement. $1,000,000 with lawyer fees paid by hoboken.

Sunday, November 6, 2011 8:17 am

Well said.

Reply to  emarche
Sunday, November 6, 2011 4:53 pm

Well Said??surley you jest.A Beth man knocking on doors on her behalf later flips after the election..They threw him a pork chop for 25 k a year,doing nothing as the PS saftey directors prior.Now A new PS director is hired for 110 per year from jersey city..The plan is to rid city hall of all former Roberts russo people slowley and systematically..The down side is the caucasians cannot use the race card..If one is a female they have a chance…The cubs never one a series and the city never won a class action law suit.In less than two short years,It’s self evident that the worst is yet to come..[quote comment=”212103″]Well said.[/quote]

Sunday, November 6, 2011 1:21 am

First and foremost I’m no fan of Dawn Zimmer or Angel Alicea. I could give a rats shit about either, unfortunately I wasted a good vote on Zimmer which is a mistake I had to deal with as I watched her destroy and pilfer from the city like the last few Mayors had done going back through Cammarano in his first and only 2 weeks in office, Roberts with his shady under the table deals and steals actually going back to his days as 6th Ward councilman, and obviously Russo…NO SURPRISE THERE! I have read Alicea’s civil complaint and had to quickly roll up my pant cuffs a few inches because the entire complaint is full of bullshit! Hoboken does not have a long sad and sordid history of discriminating against minorities especially Hispanics. In fact there have been and still are many Hispanics that do work for the city and other minorities that have in fact never had any problems and those positions carry across the board in all aspects of city employment. Have there been some cases of abuse, absolutely but they were not widespread. In fact more white city employees have been targeted by white city supervisors historically in Hoboken then any minorities ever by white supervisors within Hoboken employment. But that don’t sound good or controversial enough to move forward with in a lawsuit against the city especially after the city had just settled a primarily bogus discrimination lawsuit against that POS Angelo Andriani which if… Read more »

4th Ward Guardian
4th Ward Guardian
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 12:41 am

Angel’s no angel and karma’s a bitch. Lenz is to blame. He put his own interests ahead of the city’s when he talked Zimmer into keeping Alicea on board just so he would campaign with him. I have bad news for you Mayor. The public is catching on to your political games. You look just as bad as the rest these days. That must make you nuts. Too bad, so sad.

Monday, April 11, 2011 10:21 pm

On a side note, the more Mrs. Zimmer tries to cover up, the more facts surface. 🙂

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