Yankee Stadium Run & Tour this Sunday

Yankee Stadium Run – $50

Runners & Baseball fans take note! Hoboken based City Running Tours is offering a Yankee Stadium Run & Tour this Sunday, April 10th!

Run Details: Yankee Stadium

Meet and Greet at the corner of northeast corner of Broadway and 14th Street in Union Square at 7:15 am. As a group we will ride the subway together to Yankee Stadium. Running tour starts at upon arrival. No bag check will be available.

The running tour will be 5 miles long and will be run at a moderate pace (about 10-11 minutes per mile). There will be 4 to 5 strategic stops along the way to take in the scenery and talk about the landscape.

At the conclusion of the running tour you will be treated to an hour long tour of Yankee Stadium beginning at 9:40.

Included in the $50 cost of admission is round trip subway fare, the guided running tour, bottle of water for the run, a post run snack and tour of Yankee Stadium. Any questions or concerns contact us at runners@cityrunningtours.com or call 877.415.0058.

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