Hoboken411 Flashback: 2006

[Reminiscing Hoboken411’s Five Year Anniversary…]

Laying the foundation in 2006

After a couple months of development, thousands of pictures and tons of programming – Hoboken411 became an online destination right around 4/11/2006.

A place to check out businesses (all 2000+ of them!) and feel the pulse of the Mile Square, 2006 was a year of discovery, experimentation and fine-tuning. The “rules” were sort of invented as I plugged along. Some features were born, others were tried and discarded, and the style and essence of 411 was formulated.

The amount of content that appeared on Hoboken411 in 2006 pales in comparison to what would follow in subsequent years – but there were still quite a few noteworthy posts.

Most notable Hoboken stories in 2006:

Nearly five years ago – Hoboken411 was the first to bring innovative parking & intersection concepts to the public eye (and likely provided Parking Czar Ian Sacs with the foundation of his education in Hoboken.)

2006 also could be considered the “Year of the Fire” in Hoboken, as we had many bad ones – including 11th & Bloomfield, the old La Scala Restaurant on 14th Street, 11 & Washington (the pot factory), Helmers’ Restaurant and the 417 Jackson fire that displaced many residents.

Hoboken411 was there when Barack Obama campaigned downtown for Democrats, documented the opening of the uptown waterfront walkway, and experienced the frenzy from that huge melee that broke out at the Elks Lodge.

That year was relatively quiet from a political perspective – with then Mayor Dave Roberts clamoring to reduce the number of city council people and we saw the birth of the Southwest Parks Coalition and the need to improve downtown with the SW6 Proposal. We sure have come far in 5 years.

You think the uptown collapsed waterfront was the first Hoboken “Sinkhole?” Think again, remember that huge sinkhole on Bloomfield Street?

I showed residents that music video that Eric Clapton filmed in Hoboken – and remember when gas prices were $1.94 a gallon? Yikes!

The birth of the original Hoboken Photo of the Day happened here on 411 with the “Where is this in Hoboken?” photo series. Additionally, I believe that 411 became very animal-centric with this post of the Hoboken Hawk.

To see what shops came and went, check out the Hoboken business year in review for 2006 here – and stay tuned for the next “Hoboken411 Flashback!”

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The Professor
The Professor

Wow, I wasn’t in Hoboken in 2006 so I am enjoying this post a lot, especially the stories about the hawk and Elks Lodge Melee. I look forward to reading the rest of the story links this evening.


That sub-$2 gas sure would seem nice when we see $5 a gallon this summer!