City Council Candidates Announced

4/27/2007 Bump: Keeping this thread fresh for new readers and those that have trouble finding it. All the links to discuss the upcoming election are here.

your vote counts in hoboken - City Council Candidates Announced

  • Each Ward will have its own discussion area.
  • Each candidate will have a section for news and press releases, but the comments have been closed. Discuss candidates and issues in the corresponding Ward area. Candidates are still invited to send in whatever information they’d like to see published here. Public statements, upcoming events, etc.

Voter Registration:

Vote By Mail:

Polling Locations:

Highlighted are their campaign websites. If I missed any, please send them in.

First Ward:
[Discuss Ward on 411]

Second Ward: [Discuss Ward on 411]

Third Ward:
[Discuss Ward on 411]

Fourth Ward:
[Discuss Ward on 411]

Fifth Ward:
[Discuss Ward on 411]

Sixth Ward:
[Discuss Ward on 411]

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and this thing with the B and R’s being AGAINST the newcomers..THIS IS A MONUMENTAL mistake USED POLITICALLY by whatever machine is supposed to be in charge. I LOVE MY NEW NEIGHBORS, we plant flowers together on the ELEVENTH STREET ISLANDS all the way to WILLOW… I don’t resent someone who makes money here either, but when the rents go up, and the taxes go up and the price out and burn out begins again, who benefits? Not either of us, that is why the council is now split and I have no bad feelings to have one or two newcomers on the council. This council has been a microcosm of the people here for years. Now that we have so many condos those people need to be represented also… If we ever got together to work on the problems in this town, (and I am still on that after 47 years here) we can do great things..THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN because we are pitted against each other, politically…I will work together with anyone ON THE ISSUES…but they damn well better be amenable to working TOGETHER…not grandstanding on past works, (which I can certainly do, but choose not to) or nit picking or blaming anyone for this overdevelopment but those who actually did it… Now the piers are crumbling, erosion is taking over, the eighteen mile walkway is in JEAPARDY…(GOVERNOR WHITMAN did that,not the local POLITICIANS) and the rents and taxes are through the roof, and an evaluation of property… Read more »


I know why people don’t vote. A candidate starts off doing well,(Louie D, Capiello,Pasculli, Vezzetti, etc…) and making noises, and joining “groups” that do gooders fund. Then when they are faced with the actual reality of the JOB, they fail, because they cannot get together as a body and are too busy grandstanding on the efforts of the people before them who actually did the work TO GET ENOUGH COOPERATION TO AGAIN GET ANYTHING IMPORTANT ACCOMPLISHED. Roberts, like all of them before, started off well, then got the DEVELOPERS in (Vallone and GANS) NOW TOLL BROS. and did a whole lot of letting them get away with the town property. I personally put a letter in the REPORTER stating unequivically that VALLONE AND GANS (Maxwell PROPERTY) should be run out of town, and to bring back tar and feathers, because we were about to be RIPPED OFF big time, THEY DID JUST THAT…OTHER DEVELOPERS CAME IN ON THE TIDE….BIG MONEY, BIG TAXES, NICE CONDOS OVERPRICED TO THE HILT….NOBODY STOPPED THEM and the planning board just kept it up as they do today. I went to their last meeting, the whole crew was trying to jam as much cement into whatever was left here. I would fire all of them and try to save the last tree if I could. One man complained about having traffic for over an hour to get here. He then sat down with a plan and part of the plan agreed by those people was to… Read more »


But vote early before the drunken brawls start in polling place.


Dawn Zimmer has been to the “projects” many times and has many supporters there.

Her meetings have always included people from all over the Fourth Ward.

May 8th make plans with friends to go vote. 🙂


Campos gets the projects votes b/c he has a hispanic name. Dawn – you need to go over there and speak some reach out to those people (do you know Spanish – I’m sure that would help), and let them know you understand and support their needs.